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Even though I first saw Indios performing at 70s Bistro, I first met the guys when they went to Wharf Galley in July 2011 to do a gig. I still say to this day that that was one of my favorite gigs at Wharf. The guys are so down-to-earth and really cool to be with. We didn’t get to hang out much with brothers Victor and Franklin because they had to go to Albay to attend a relative’s wedding the next day. The brothers arrived by plane while the rest of the band arrived by bus. The brothers also left right after the gig with other family members while PJ, Japs and their road manager Marvin stayed to hang out. It was one of the most laid-back gigs we’ve ever had.

Band: Indios
Genre: Alternative rock, Arena rock, Pop rock
Hometown: Metro Manila
Record Label: None (Indie)
Victor Christian Asuncion -vox/guitars/keys
Franklin Joven Asuncion -bass/vocals
Paul John Corpuz -guitars/vocals
Japs Reyes -drums
I. The songs came when Indios was just an idea.

N. Victor next created a demo CD (“Minor Fall, Major Lift”), which was to be used to get Victor into the Rivermaya auditions, wherein he was one of the finalists.

D. INDIOS was born on the second of February of 2008 with long-time friend, Paul.

I. Then came the limited EP “INDIOS: For the Sake of the Planet,” which sold like ice cream on a summer’s day.

O. The band has had its share of ups and downs, including the comings and goings of its drummers.

S. Now, having finished their first studio album, and having a new bro drummer on board, the music’s definitely just going to get better.

Born at Two Little Three Studios, INDIOS is a Manila-based indie band.

Musically, INDIOS integrates the elements of euro rock, pop, blues, and new wave with creatively experimented melodies often imbued in baroque pop. Adhering to the simple foundations of popular rock music, the band draws favorable comparisons to Gregg Alexander, The New Radicals, Oasis, and even the Killers.

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The first video to be released, Sleepwalk, is one of my favorite Indios songs.

The second video released, Rachel, is the first single off their album and won best music video at the 13th Ateneo Video Open, organized by the Loyola Film Circle! Rachel was produced and directed by Kim Legaspi, Rhadem Morados, Nathan Ku, and Adrian Portugal.

They’ve just released their third music video, featuring the single The Silent Treatment, directed, produced and filmed by Hunter Asuncion and Indios.

Justin at wrote about the band, their music and had an interview with Victor:

“Indios is a four-man Filipino band composed of Victor Christian (vocals/guitars/keys), Franklin Joven (bass/vocals), Paul John (guitars/vocals), and Japs Reyes (drums). The first time I listened to them was in a bloggers’ event early this year, and I have been watching out for them ever since. I remember taking note then that Indios was a band that seeks to make music without really making fame their goal.

There is a certain brand of raw inspiration I can sense from their music. I also think that their music, though produced independently, has a sound that is very radio-friendly. With the songs I’ve heard from them, I would be willing to put their record grouped together with other bands like Sandwich, Pupil, and Matchbox 20.”

Read the rest of the entry here.

Track Listing:
All Them Yearning Souls
The Silent Treatment
Look At You
Something’s Gotta Give
Always Be
Counterfeit Love
For The Sake Of The Planet
She’s A Fire
Your Love Is My Relief

*All tracks have been written and co produced by the band and produced by Pupil, Sponge Cola, and Mayonnaise collaborator, Patrick Tirano.

I super love this band. I love playing their album when I want laid back afternoons. Once, a friend heard me playing the album, and said to me, “I think I know why you like their music. It sounds like your favorite Brit bands.” I, for my part, is an unintentional fan of Brit and Irish music, it’s just the way it is.

They’re coming to the May 31st gig at B-Side Makati to play. I hope you guys would come and check them out – as well as all the other bands that will be there!

Again, I’d like to thank Indios for accepting my invitation to play at B-Side on that night. Thanks soo much guys! I promise not to make Japs and PJ drink any more Blowjobs, though I think Marvin would still be more than game. 😛

At the old Wharf Galley in Avenue Square, Magsaysay Avenue, Naga City