I made it! I made it out! The first gig I’ve been to since I got back to Manila and of course, I brought my camera with me, but managed to take zilch photos. It was so much more fun to just enjoy the music and the company of friends.

It was so nice to see and be with my friends Summer and Jake, and Katte and Via, and hang out with Ayla. Thanks Geronimo Photographico for the one and only proof that I was actually there. I made it with what’s supposed to be my Goth Mom look, but what Ayla calls “Catwoman” look (and don’t ask me why). I am fine with cat woman, because it makes me think of Puss in Boots, which happens to be a character I identify with. Boom!

With Ayla

DUP friends Katte and Via

Session Road

It was also nice to do little chitty chats with the band, and talk about their last gig. Oh, I have yet to post the photos from that event. In the next blog post, then.

To view more photos from the event, click here.

Here is a slideshow tribute for SessiOnroad’s 14th year…

I see photos in the slideshow from their gig in Bicol last year, and well, I found these too. I’ll post the other (more awesome) photos, taken by Gouldian Colours, soon enough in another blog. 🙂

Set list

I have no idea what we we’re laughing about. Maybe my hat from the vocalist of Elementals? Jk 😛

With Coy and Duduy of Gouldian Colours

This photo….

…is this.

Click here to watch a video of the band performing Kailan from the event. If you’re a fan, catch them live at Handle Bar Makati on May 24th.