I don’t know about dance movies but they just excite me so and I am even more excited with this most recent film in the Step Up franchise. I swear I got goosebumps just watching the trailer.

“Step Up Revolution” movie hits theaters in North America July 27, followed by Australia on August 2 and France, the UK and other European markets on August 8-10. No word yet on when it’s showing in the Philippines.

Emily (Kathryn McCormick), daughter of a wealthy businessman, arrives in Miami with aspirations of becoming a professional dancer and soon falls in love with Sean (Ryan Guzman), a young man who leads a dance crew in elaborate, cutting-edge flash mobs. The crew, called the MOB, strives to win a contest for a major sponsorship opportunity, but soon Emily’s father threatens to develop the MOB’s historic neighborhood and displace thousands of people.

Directed by: Scott Speer
Cast: Kathryn McCormick, Ryan Guzman, Stephen Boss, Chadd Smith, Tommy Dewey, Cleopatra Coleman
produced by: John Chu

Step Up Revolution official movie trailer 2012 courtesy Summit Entertainment.

They may change cast each and every time but I am happy that my favorite character, Moose (Adam Sevani) has been there since the second film. I’m a little sad Claire (Alyson Stoner), isn’t this time around.

Who cares about the plot or the acting? We watch these movies for the dance, plain and simple. All that dancing…. Enough said.

I always go out of the theater feeling all hyped up, moved, if that’s a better term.

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