There were a number of articles that amused me the past days, triggered by this article someone from my network shared:

“10 Reasons Why You Should Date Someone in the Arts”

Frankly fed up with the onslaught of articles on “Date a Man who Reads“, “Date A Girl Who Travels,” “Date a Boy who Travels,” and more recently, “Don’t Date a Boy who Travels,” this article is a refreshing break. Though now that I have re-read the article, “Date a Girl who Reads“… or Writes, for that matter, I have, never been this agreeable, nodding my head, more times than I can count. In between little smiles of course. Why we are obsessed with justifying WHAT we date is beyond me, but that’s just me, whose so-called tastes have always been baffling to many, to say the least.

1. They will always have a friend who’s in a show, or having a reading, or playing a gig, or showing in an art gallery.

You will go on dates such as these, not because we have friends who are in a show, or  reading, or a gig, or having an exhibit, but because, we simply cannot think of anything else to do or a better place to go than that, off the top of our heads. Or that’s where we we’re going anyway, before you expressed interest in joining us.

Below that is a link to a supposedly related article on 5 Date Ideas for Night Owls. I have never been a morning person and if it we’re up to me, no date should start before five in the afternoon, but there is a shortage of people who are up for dates after midnight, at least in my 30 years of experience. Unless they want sex. And in that point, is that a real “date”?

Which brings me to:

3. People who work in the arts often have relatively free/strange schedules.

Yup, that’s us, the blokes with the strange schedules. Actually, we’re even raising our eyebrows at the word, “strange.” To us, nothing is ever considered strange.

Which, promptly, brings us to:

4. Artists are a fairly welcoming, accepting bunch.

and then to, in the funniest round-about manner:

5. People in the arts are used to partying late into the night after a show or gig, no matter how early they have to get up the next morning.

 What? We don’t generally get up in the morning. Or so I heard. Work, what work? We don’t work.

8. They tend not to be high maintenance.

I don’t know about you, but I have a very different idea of what “high maintenance” is. Just like I have a very different idea of what “good-looking” or “attractive” is, and generally, that depends on what mood I am in. Or if you happened to catch me waking up very early in the morning for “work”.

10. Artists lead exciting, passionate lives. …And when you date them, you get to be a part of it for a while.

You had me at exciting.. But most importantly, right through the heart with “for a while.”

Since we are aware that it’s hard to love us or date us or be in a relationship with us, we do not expect you to hang on with us for so long, only for a while.


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