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Virgin Labfest 8 Schedules June 27-July 8, 2012

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Schedule of Performances


SET A: June 27, 3pm & 8pm / July 7, 3pm / July 8, 8pm

Pagsubli – Aizel Cabilan
Direction: Melvin Lee

Symposium – U Eliserio & Maynard Manansala
Direction: JK Anicoche

Digital Divide – Ricardo Novenario
Direction: Andoy Ranay


SET B: June 28, 3pm & 8pm / July 7, 8pm / July 8, 3pm

Hayop – Mar Anthony dela Cruz
Direction: Erik Matti

Ang Unang Regla ni John – Em Mendez
Direction: George de Jesus


Band Feature: Dai I Chi

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This band, my 3-year old daughter will always remember simply as “The guys!”

Four members of Dai I Chi, with the exception of Pierre whom I have not met yet, are also members of the band The Chongkeys that went on a 3-day Bicol tour in January 2012. They spent three whole days with me and my daughter Lia. On the first day, Lia was calling them “guys”…

Mark, Ness, Jid, Chester

While walking towards the Cagsawa ruins, “Wait for me guys!! Guys, waiiiiit!”
On the first night of performance at Paayahayan Bar in Legazpi, “Mama, let’s go to the guys!!” taking my hand and leading me towards the front, right below the stage where the band was performing.
At Mariolis Bar in Iriga, “Mama, where are the guys?”
At Wharf Galley in Naga, “Mama, can I see the guys? I wanna see! I wanna see!”

To this day, Lia would see their photos and say, “Mama, its the guys!” That’s how sweet they were to my little one – which says a lot about who they are. I love men who can get along well with toddlers because they’re kinda rare. Of course it helped that Mark also has a little girl of his own, and Jid always stands as baby sitter to the kids of other members of the band. Still, I loved them for it.

Band name: Dai I Chi
Jid Pascual-vox
Mark Marquez -battle axe
Chester Gonzalez-skins
Ness Deloviar -baritone axe
Pierre Alejandro -joystick


Band Feature: Indios

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Photo by Bubuy Balangue

Even though I first saw Indios performing at 70s Bistro, I first met the guys when they went to Wharf Galley in July 2011 to do a gig. I still say to this day that that was one of my favorite gigs at Wharf. The guys are so down-to-earth and really cool to be with. We didn’t get to hang out much with brothers Victor and Franklin because they had to go to Albay to attend a relative’s wedding the next day. The brothers arrived by plane while the rest of the band arrived by bus. The brothers also left right after the gig with other family members while PJ, Japs and their road manager Marvin stayed to hang out. It was one of the most laid-back gigs we’ve ever had.

Band: Indios
Genre: Alternative rock, Arena rock, Pop rock
Hometown: Metro Manila
Record Label: None (Indie)
Victor Christian Asuncion -vox/guitars/keys
Franklin Joven Asuncion -bass/vocals
Paul John Corpuz -guitars/vocals
Japs Reyes -drums
I. The songs came when Indios was just an idea.

N. Victor next created a demo CD (“Minor Fall, Major Lift”), which was to be used to get Victor into the Rivermaya auditions, wherein he was one of the finalists.

D. INDIOS was born on the second of February of 2008 with long-time friend, Paul.

I. Then came the limited EP “INDIOS: For the Sake of the Planet,” which sold like ice cream on a summer’s day.

O. The band has had its share of ups and downs, including the comings and goings of its drummers.

S. Now, having finished their first studio album, and having a new bro drummer on board, the music’s definitely just going to get better.


21 Jump Street – Not a Movie Review

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That Johnny Depp cameo is awesome!

There, I said it. I rarely blog about the movies I watch because I watch so many, but I just had to blog about this because “that Johnny Depp cameo is awesome!” – and there I said it again.

I took the wrong bus and ended in Megamall instead of Robinsons Galleria. It started raining and I was hungry, so instead of trying to find my way home, I found myself in McDonalds for my usual comfort food of cheesburger, fries and the best-tasting Coca-cola ever, at least in my opinion. The fastfood was full and so is the entire mall! You would think there was a mall-wide sale with the number of people in there, but well, it’s just Mother’s Day and it seemed all the mothers were taken to the mall. I thought about how nice it would be to sit and I knew exactly where comfy seats with nice views can be had.


Johnsons Loot Bag!

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I don’t know what I did but a package arrived today from McCann and J&J. Whatever I did, I prolly did it last year since they still had my old contact number. Nevertheless, it’s fun to get free goodies! Lia absolutely loved all these!

We currently use the Johnsons baby cooling bath and it smells so good! I myself use the top-to-toe wash for Lia and me. I actually use it on my face and I’ve been using it for three years. I love the fact that no matter where Lia and I are, I only have to have the top-to-toe wash and I got her shampoo and wash covered, as well as my body and facial wash. It makes for less stuff to carry in my always-heavy bag.

Thanks Johnsons for the goodies!


Going to Tambaron Green Beach Resort, Oriental Mindoro

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This is where we are going next weekend and if you think you want to join us, come and register!

Tambaron Island in Bulalacao, Mindoro Oriental

Brother and sister, AJ and Maya Fajardo, are friends we have been traveling with since 2008; and the Fajardo family owns Tambaron Green Beach Resort in Tambaron Island. Tambaron Green Beach Resort is located in one of the coves of Tambaron Island in the southernmost tip of Oriental Mindoro. It is surrounded by a forest with 40 different tree species that make it good for trekking and you may also directly interact with the native Mangyans. Green Sea turtles sometimes visit the island to lay eggs, schools of Skipjack Tuna abound during the migratory season of December to April, and wild ducks during the rainy season. The resort offers a serene, untouched environment with clear waters for snorkeling and a jump off point for island hopping. It has family rooms, dormitory quarters and beachfront cottages. (see links for sources)

What to expect:

-SCUBA diving and snorkeling spots
-Kayaking and island hopping
-Mountain trails and enchanted fauna
-Mangyan ethnic groups
-Mini cattle ranch
-Beach volleyball and badminton courts

Now that we know what to expect out of the island and the resort itself, here is what you can expect from this trip, with the itinerary as prepared by Travel Factor.


Band Feature: Your Imaginary Friends

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Because the band, Your Imaginary Friends:

1. Will be playing at the gig I am organizing on May 31st at B-Side Makati and I am making it a point to do a blog feature of each band that will be there

2. Will be playing later at Saguijo Cafe + Bar

I am blogging about them today.

Band Name: Your Imaginary Friends
Ahmad Tanji – Vox/Guitars
Khalid Tanji – Guitars
Em Aquino –
Vox/Bass Eric Po – Drums
Hometown: Bicol/Manila
Record Label: Lilystars Records
Influences: The Smiths, Pixies, The Beatles, Death Cab For Cutie, Interpol, The Postal Service, New Order, Nirvana & Weezer

When fate and fine intentions cross paths, something wonderful must be on hand… and whoever said that good things are worth the wait must have envisioned Your Imaginary Friends lingering in the wings. Four years in the making before arriving at their current lineup, Emerald Aquino (bass) joined brothers Ahmad and Ed Tanji (vox/guitars and guitars respectively) and Eric Po (drummer) in March 2010 with a resolve to do their bit in the name of pop music. They have since been conquering varied audiences with their arresting brand of refreshing pop.


Airline Bullying and Other Related Mishaps

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Lots of interesting things today but I won’t even dare comment on the Mon Tulfo vs Raymart and Claudine anymore, instead, I’d like to share Roxanne Lu’s experience on Airline Bullying. She’s asked people to share it and I shall. The following is an excerpt, please click the links provided to view full note.


Airline Bullying

by Roxanne Lu on Tuesday, May 8, 2012 at 5:21pm ·

This happened to me yesterday for my Air Philippines Caticlan-Manila flight. I never wish for it to happen to me again, nor do I wish this to happen to any of you ever. This is a pretty long story, but if you have the patience you might learn a thing or two when dealing with airlines.


ORIGINAL TICKET: Caticlan to Manila on May 7, 2012, 8:20am flight.


4 May 2012 – I received an email from PAL notifying me that my May 7th flight to Manila, PR040, ETD has changed from 8:20am to 9:50a.m. (Ticket #2) 


I made two (2) calls to PAL on 5 May 2012 (Sat), as soon as I read my e-mail notification from PAL.

  • 8:23pm (about 20 mins on the phone): I explained that I received an email notice from them that my flight PR040 ETD has been adjusted to fly out 9:50am instead of the original 8:20am. I asked if there was an earlier flight (any flight before the PR040) that they could move me into because I have a meeting at 10:30am in Manila. They said there’s a 9:10am flight but I have to pay about P1,200 if I want to fly on that schedule. “And that’s the earliest flight you can fly me out me with?” I asked. Yes, the support agent replied. I went back to the issue at hand, which was the additional cost. I said, “But technically, you guys owe me because I paid for an earlier flight. I did not move myself to 9:50am, you did. I paid for an early morning flight, so don’t think I should pay that. I have a business reason why I specifically chose an earlier flight, so can you please ask your supervisor if they can waive the additional payment?” I was put on hold. A few minutes later, they got back to me and said they will move me to the9:10am flight without additional cost, and that I should call back in about 30 minutes or so to confirm the changes.


  • 9:33pm (the call back request; about 5 mins on the phone): I inquired for the status of my request and was informed that it was granted with no additional charges. They will e-mail me my new e-ticket for flight PR 046 ETD 9:10am. It was sent to me the following day, May 6th. (Ticket #3)
Read the rest of the note here.


When the issue at NAIA 3 with Tulfo vs the Santiagos first erupted, someone said, “Ang Cebu Pacific talaga! Sa PAL di nangyayari ang ganyan.” Well, news flash, it does. And it seems that it happens a lot, budget airline or not.