It was one of our friends’ son’s first birthday party at the Makati Park and Garden. Lia absolutely loves parties. We we’re late but managed to have a good time nevertheless.

Ever since my phone camera has been revived, we’ve been Instagraming nonstop. It gets addicting, yeah.

Find the hidden Mickey.

The birthday party theme was supposed to be cowboy, but we we’re not prepared for it. We took home some balloons because Lia loves them, and while we we’re standing by the road waiting for a cab, it was noticed that the shirt I was wearing exactly matched the balloons I was carrying. And we had to take a photo of that, of course.

This is what I wore today....

Since we had nowhere after to go and Bonifacio High Street was close by, we decided to spend a few hours there just hanging out. It used to be where we hung out all the time, back when we we’re still living at the condo in Taguig.







I seriously need to get my lenses and body to the service center for cleaning. Nothing ruins a perfectly good shot like dirty gear! 🙁