Whoever thought of bringing all these people together must’ve had me in mind because, wow. That’s all I can say for now.

I will definitely be there! See you boys and girls!

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A walk through memory lane, only from 2011’s documentation, bring more than a few smiles.

The Discoball at Wharf Galley Feb 2011

The Discoball at Wharf Galley Rock Cafe, Elias Angeles St., Naga City. Feb 2011

The Discoball at Wharf Galley Feb 2011

Hanging out by the street, downstairs. Pardon my gaunt look. I was sick for 2 weeks!

The Discoball at Wharf Galley Feb 2011

It was Meiday Meiday in Naga City, with Mei Bastes, and the owners of Wharf Galley Rock Cafe, plus Dan Geromo.

Coffeebreak Island, Wharf Galley at Avenue Square, Naga City. April 2011.

Coffeebreak Island and Dong Abay, with owners/chefs Doy and Che of Chef Doy’s Restaurant, Naga City. Sept 2011

With Coy Placido of Top Junk/Session Road. Pili, Cam. Sur, July 2011. I think JV Romawac took this photo. Kudos to the focus.

Dennis Leung and Tuesday Vargas of Top Junk. Cubao X. July 2011

With Dan and Dennis. Photos were taken by Coy.

Last time The Discoball and I saw each other was at Che Santos’ (of On-Air Studio, drummer of Tetas and the Twat, Lougee and the Cherry Bums) Detour at Cubao X January 2012.

That was followed by last week’s gig at B-Side.

Yup, I’ve been here, there, and everywhere it seems. Let’s just wait and see where the road takes us. 😛