Directed and conceptualized by Dr. Anton Juan Jr. with the dramaturgy of Dr. Judy Celine Ick, the play recreates the tragedy written in the 17th century for a 21st century Filipino audience.

The supernatural and liminal parts are on the screen speaking with the actors, whom he describes as a “fine assembly of sterling actors.”

In the intimate theater of the UP College of Mass Communication Media Center, four runway-like platforms meet in the middle, dividing the audience within the set. (Click on thumbnails to view full size)


The entire performance is contained by a 360-degree screen, constructed by draping immaculate white fabric from ceiling to floor, which serves as the backdrop for the bloody tale of murderous greed.

Indeed it is a hyper visual staging, with actors entering from all directions, and props falling from above. 

The audience is engaged from start to finish and the gripping story is enhanced by the screen, which serves to both show and conceal.


“The screens in the movie theaters, television, computers, mobile phones, and other digital gadgets that we use today display images and information that mirror only one or two dimensions of ourselves,” Juan says.

The cast is composed of Teroy Guzman, Judy Ick, Romnick Sarmenta, Earl Ignacio, Jamie Wilson, Ron Capinding, Chiqui Burgos, Frances Makil-Ignacio, William Elvin, Ian Lomongo, Gigi Escalante, Mary Jane Alejo, Tara Cabaero, Zaf Masahud, Florence Alverne, Lhenvil Paneda with the special participation of Ricky Abad and Eugene Domingo.


The artistic team consists of Pat Valera (Assistant Director for Stage), Katte Sabate (Assistant Director for Film), Winter David (Video Designer), Ohm David (Set Designer), Jethro Joaquin (Sound Designer), Meliton Roxas (Lights Designer), Lhenvil Paneda (Costume Designer), and Paul Gaerlan (Properties Designer).

The production team includes Olive Nieto and Sabate (Production Managers), Karen Gaerlan (Stage Manager), Garett Picardal and Bonsai Cielo (Assistant Stage Managers), Lehner Mendoza (Video Assistant/Projectionist), Krystel Dionisio (Sound Boardperson), Mark Ortilla (Technical Apprentice), Zaf Masahud (Staff), Giovanni Basco and Florianne Jimenez (Marketing and Publicity Content).

Screen: Macbeth was staged at the Media Center of the College of Mass Communication, UP Diliman from February 28 to March 13, 2011.


Text lifted from this article: ‘Screen: Macbeth’ is not just sound and fury