One gloomy and rainy July morning, I found myself in Naga without a place to stay at. Hotel check-ins are usually at two in the afternoon, and my bus pulled in at the Central Business District (CBD) Terminal of Naga City at six in the morning.

One of my friends’ family owned this little resort and spa in San Felipe, and this is where I found myself for 12 hours.


Ramashinta Resort and Spa is a Balinese-inspired spa-resort that boasts of a grand recreational pool, children’s pool, fully equipped cabanas with majestic interiors, exclusive massage rooms for men and women, a charming garden, a multi-purpose function room, and a clubhouse/ restaurant that serves a wide array of delectable dishes. A Balinese paradise right in Naga City.

Ramashinta Resort and Spa at night, photo from Facebook page

I was in need of a little nap and a swim, so I headed over to the little resort. They gave me one of the cabanas. Mine is the one with the slightly open doors and yellow curtains.





I liked the decorations but found the bed a little too small, and so is the television set. The rates say the room (and so should the bed) be good enough for two, but if I were to sleep here, I wouldn’t wanna share that bed. It’s only good enough for me, not that I’m a big person of course, I just like big beds. Wink.

And what good would be a bathroom at a hotel or resort in the Philippines if it did not have the balde and tabo?

I found this place very relaxing though. I could imagine myself sitting in one of those benches, if it weren’t raining and they weren’t wet, despite the umbrellas.



I did find some solace in the pool, which at that time, I had all to myself.




I also had a nice little breakfast at their little cafe. The staff is nice and helpful.



Later that afternoon and on to the early evening, I had some of my friends come over and we had some beers and some margaritas. It was a nice little place to hang out.

Sometimes they hold events like pool parties, fashion shows and little acoustic concerts and you’d be lucky if you chance upon one while you are checked in.

I stayed for 12 hours and moved to a different hotel. 12 hours cost me Php1,200.

All in all, this little resort is a good place for local families that are eager for a little get-away while not being too far away. It’s very close to the city center! It can also be a good place for couples who want to relax a little bit and spend some time together. I would not recommend this place to travelers or those who are in a budget because the rates are expensive at P1,800 for 24 hours. On the other hand, the 12-hr and 24-hr rates are so as to discourage certain kind of things, if you know what I mean.

The resort can also be booked for parties, weddings, and other events. They have party and catering packages available. You may check them out here.

Since this is a spa, they also offer the following services:

Body Treatments:
Traditional Balinese Massage Php450 (60mins)
Swedish Massage Php350 (60mins)
Deep Tissue Massage Php450 (60mins)
Aromatherapy Massage Php500 (60mins)
Hot Stone Therapy Massage Php550 (60mins)
Couples Massage, with facial and foot bath Php1,200 (90mins)
Strawberry and Sea Salt Body Scrub Php850 (90mins)
Javanese Lulur Whitening Body Scrub Php850 (90mins)
Body Bleaching Php900 (90mins)

Other Services:
Facial Massage with facial mask Php450 (45mins)
Head and Scalp Massage Php300 (30mins)
Facial Php400 (45mins)

Balinese Nail Art:
Manicure Php180
Pedicure Php180

Swimming Rates:
Day rate: 8am-5pm
Adults: Php150
Kids (2-10 yrs old) Php80

Night Rate: 5pm-12mn
Adults: Php200
Kids: Php100

Cabana with free swimming, good for 2 Php1,200 (12 hrs)
Caban with free swimming, good for 2 Php1,800 (24 hrs)
Extra person Php100
Extra bed (double) Php300

NAGA CITY, Philippines
Cell phone: +63 921 684 1491, +63 928 503 8221
Landline: +654 4787688, +654 472-1983

How to get there:
1. Take any tricycle and tell them to bring you to Ramashinta Resort and Spa in Brgy. San Felipe. The resort will be on the right side of the road.
2. The landmark would be the intersection of Magsaysay Avenue, Penafrancia Avenue, Liboton St., and San Felipe Road, where you can find the Penafrancia Church.

If coming from Magsaysay Avenue, take a right turn at the intersection after the bridge.

If coming from the city proper and cruising down Penafrancia Avenue, just head straight past the intersection.


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