Here are some of the photo booth prints that we we’re able to take during the Thirty Thirsty, Thirsty Thirty event at B-Side.

The Discoball

Tetas and the Twat

Lougee and the Cherry Bums

The Chongkeys

Dai I Chi

Coffeebreak Island

Your Imaginary Friends




Our host for the night. Stand-up comedian and blogger extraordinaire.

UP Repertory Company

Travel Factor


We would like to thank Mhef’s Photo Booth for these wonderful prints.

For the rest of the album, click here.

And also our sponsors, B-Side, Travel Factor, Agos Pilipinas, Calaguas Northwine and Palamuti Storytelling Jewels for the tokens for the bands. We had such a fun time!

Also, thanks to Jerico Placido of Top Junk/Session Road for the poster design.