Just recently, Todd Owyoung tweeted or re-tweeted something about being asked by a 16-year old on tips on photography, the teenager having just recently acquired a Nikon d800. Yes it was striking that a 16-year old has a Nikon d800, but that was not the point. “How can a 16-year old have such an expensive camera!” is not what struck us, but the thought that what if at the age of 16, you already knew you wanted to be a photographer?

I am not really very careful with my gear. I tend to use it and abuse it. That is why I think nobody would want to buy my camera if I decide to sell it. This attitude comes with drawbacks too, as just last month, I spent Php5,000 on body and lens cleaning at Columbia Digital. My d80 18-135mm kit lens also acts now as a prime lens, with its aperture defaulted at 3.5 because the blades have fallen off as a result of Lia’s dropping it God knows when exactly, I don’t exactly keep track. I was told I could have it put back for the price of Php3,750, and my reply was, well now, lemme think about that for a minute.

Anyway, as I was saying, I let Lia play around with my camera and take her own photos. She does this all the time with my phone, and essentially, she has become my most avid photographer. She takes photos of me all the time!

These photos were all taken by Lia while we were waiting for our dinner at Cadlao Beach Resort in Caalan. This was of course after she was done lounging on all the day beds, and right before she had a fantastic time falling on and off the hammock.

Cadlao Island view from Caalan

Lia had turned around and was pointing the camera in what I thought was the tree, so I asked her what she was taking a photo of. She didn’t say anything but just pressed the shutter. I looked at it after and realized that she was taking a photo of the orchid on the coconut and I would say that this was a really good shot and a good choice for a subject too. Now, I wouldn’t have thought of that myself. Haha!

She had really liked those yellow flowers and decorated me with it. I asked her if I could take off one so I wouldn’t look this ridiculous but I guess “ridiculously flowered” was the look she was gunning for. That makes for, “photography and styling by Lia,” which by the way reminds me of this Canon PhotoSkwela thing that is going around right now – a workshop on Blog Photography and Styling. Come on people!

I was looking at these photos and was reminded of some photos that were taken back in 2005. They were also taken in Caalan at about the same time of day, and because of that, it has the same tint.

That is Likha and me. We were out with his mother and stepfather, Rose and Del, visiting a house at the farthest end of Caalan. I have been in El Nido for a few months then and had gained a considerable, and quite becoming too, amount of weight.

I think he and I have both lost some weight, with all our kids and responsibilities. It would be nice to put on more weight while I’m back here.

Anyway, Lia went on to take more photos of me, while I got busy on the internet.

 I like the photo below. It shows excellent framing.

The following photo I am not sure if I or Lia took, but I looked at the time stamps and since the shots’ time stamps are too close to each other, I have decided this is Lia’s shot. It’s awesome! I’m a proud momma.

Some people thought these shots were self done, as in some, I can be seen with my arms extended. I had on an 18-135mm lens on a D90, with a Vitacon .5x wide angle converter and macro lens so the camera was a little bit heavier than the usual. I would hold out my hand every now and then to help Lia steady the camera to prevent it from falling, especially since Lia refused to put the strap around her neck.

Self-shots are beyond my capacity and fancy for the ridiculous. I would prefer not to have a shot at all if what it takes is to extend my arm as far away as possible from me and hold a DSLR with only one hand. Well, that’s why I suppose, since its always just the two of us, I’m teaching Lia how to use the camera – so she can take photos of me!

And finally, Lia took a photo of her one of her favorite subjects – her foot/feet. Next to her mother, this is her most photographed thing in this world. Our phones are filled with shots of legs and feet that Lia took.

Over all, this set is a good one. I hope there are more coming soon. 🙂