Yes, there is also a music scene in Naga City.

And because I love Karl Roy and saw him perform last at Wharf Galley Avenue Square in Naga City December last year, I am reposting this event, to whatever end it serves.

The event page is here:

One of Naga City’s local bands, Monoacid, will be the opening act. I am a fan of Monoacid too and miss the band. Hope they can come up with another album soon. P.S. I miss you Bornok. Hope to see you and the rest of the guys soon. I miss having after-closing way-early-morning breakfast with you at Sir Karlos in Ateneo Avenue.

Here is the band’s Facebook page:

And here is Sosimo Resto’s Facebook page:

When I think of Karl Roy, I think of the friendships I have formed because of him. BJ Sta. Isabel, a huge fan, organized a gig last December in Bicol. It was supposed to be a two-day event, with one gig in Legazpi and one in Naga. It was actually my first time to meet Karl Roy and really watch him perform. It gave such a good feeling. And that is how I would remember the man that was Karl Roy. I am so grateful to have been given the opportunity to meet him. You will forever be in my memory Karl…