Bhava Mitra – Vocals, Mityapi, Plawta, Gangsa, Kubing 
Bhakta Raja – Djembe, Udan-Udan, Gabang, P’tadjong
Saryo – Drums, Tukatok
Agit – Bass 
Govinda – Djembe, Bidjang, Kubing, Budjong, Gangsa

Cebu-based Kadangyan continue the legacy of the Pinoy ethnic-rock movement started by stalwart groups Pen-Pen, Ang Grupong Pendong, Joey Ayala at ang Bagong Lumad and Pinikpikan. With members hailing from different regions of the country (Cebu, Iligan, Tacloban & Ifugao Mt. Province), this group could very well represent the Philippines’ diverse cultures and languages in one entity. They combine local ethnic instruments with western, eastern and African instruments and come up with rhythm-laden songs topped with hypnotic chants that puts its listener into a trance. Their busy schedule allows Kadangyan to continue promoting their ideals of peace, environmental concerns and universal humanism as well as promote a new appreciation for Philippine ethnic-rock music.

Website: http://www.kadangyan.com

**Text and image above lifted from The Sound Underground.

Facebook Event page at http://www.facebook.com/events/412813808756314/

Kadangyan Official Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/kadangyanglobal

The Bar @ 1951
M. Adriatico, Malate Manila

If you’re wondering where The Bar @ 1951 is, it is the old Penguin Cafe. Yes, no other than the Penguin in Chris Martinez’s Last Order sa Penguin! Amazing. 🙂 Check out this Tumblr post –> http://www.tumblr.com/tagged/the-bar-@-1951


Here’s a map:

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