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Go UP Fight!

One of my friends shared this photo this week and we all went OoooOoh-ing and AaaaaAaah-ing with how beautiful it is. Of course, we all want something like this in our backyards, budgets and weathers permitting, flooding not withstanding.

I can imagine just lounging here and watching movies on the big screen. Or hanging out with well-loved friends. What a relaxing thought!

And in line with the recent flooding in Metro Manila…

Paulo Alcazaren keeps coming up with awesome designs.

He says, “Following government’s pronouncements – Here’s a quick sketch showing a ‘blasting’ solution to keeping the easements of rivers and waterways clear in the metro. My head is exploding now just imagining what other schemes are being hatched to address what really are just the symptoms of a much larger problem of lack of access to affordable decent housing and livelihood. And let’s not mention RH and population management – baka may umiyak nanaman na opisyal. …By the way ..they are thinking of lifting the mining ban just for these areas.

Another sketch came out with my Post-Flood Notes blog earlier this week (click HERE to view).

And this is a photo of an artwork by Federico Boyd Sulapas Dominguez: “bawod nga mangtas” watercolor (gouache) on bristol board-2008