Directed by Brillante Mendoza
Written by Brillante Mendoza, Patrick Bancarel, Boots Agbayani Pastor, and Arlyn dela Cruz
Cast: Isabelle Huppert, Kathy Mulville, Mark Zanetta, Raymond Bagatsing, Joel Torre, Mon Confiado, Maria Isabel Lopez,  Ronnie Lazaro, Sid Lucero, Mercedes Cabral, Neil Ryan Sese, Rustica Carpio, Angel Aquino, and many others.
Runtime: 120mins


Filipino director Brillante Mendoza is back with another grim kidnapping story inspired by the May 2001 kidnapping of local and foreign tourists in Dos Palmas Resort in Palawan by Abu Sayyaf. Though weaker in terms of shock and quality as his 2009 film Kinatay and the film failed to win any award at the Berlin film festival held last February, it received the highest rating from the Film Development Council of the Philippines’ Cinema Evaluation Board (CEB).

It had its Philippine premiere at the Citi-Rustan’s French Film Festival, and is now being seen and heard in the Philippines through various reviews and social media support.

Richard Bolisay, Oggs Cruz and Jessica Zafra each wrote a review on the film.

A dramatization of the 2001 incident in which Muslim terrorist group Abu Sayyaf took numerous people hostage from an island resort, the movie follows them through nearly a year of hellacious wanderings through the Filipino jungle. It ended a year later on June 2002, with American missionary Gracia Burnham being one of the well-known survivors. Her husband, Martin, died as they were being rescued.

The film was shot documentary-style: straightforward, simple. This is to uphold the concept of “reality” contained in the material for the film.

Only 25% of the film is fictional, mostly characters and scenes that Mendoza felt were “necessary for enhancement and dramatization purposes.”

French actress Isabelle Huppert plays Therese Burgoine, a French national and a volunteer social worker for a non-government organization based in Palawan. While Huppert’s character in the movie is fictional, her experience during filming couldn’t be more real.

Captive, Brillante Mendoza’s newest film, is about self-preservation and survival in the face of hardships and situations beyond one’s control.

Here’s the trailer of the film: