Date: Thursday, September 20, 2012 – 5:00pm – Friday, October 5, 2012 – 9:00pm


Sep 20 Thu 5pm
Cine Adarna, UPFI Film Center

The memories of Guiga, from early childhood to young adulthood: his family, relatives, friends, fears, dreams and reality in a still provincial city of Salvador, Bahia, from the 50s to the 70s.

BRODER (2010)
Sep 20 Thu 7pm
Cine Adarna, UPFI Film Center

In the slum of Capão Redondo in São Paulo, the twenty-third anniversary of Marco Aurélio a.k.a. Macu will be celebrated with a “feijoada” (a typical Brazilian dish of black beans and pork) and beers promoted by his mother Dona Sônia and their closest friends. Among the guests are Macu’s childhood best friends Jaiminho, who plays soccer in Spain and is waiting to be summoned by the coach to the national team, and Pibe, who has a baby and is living with Macu’s former girlfriend Claudia. Macu owes money to the dangerous criminal Serjão and Napão and will host a boy that will be kidnapped by the delinquents in order to pay for his debts. Along the day, Macu stays with Jaiminho and Pibe recalling their childhood together. By the end of the day, Serjão and Napão tell Macu that they have changed their plans and the kid will not be kidnapped, but Jaiminho instead. Further, he shall meet the powerful Dr. Venceslau for further instructions. Now Macu is to be on the horns of a dilemma between his friendship for Jaiminho and the fear for the gang of his slum

Sept 21 5pm
Cine Adarna, UPFI Film Center
About the life and adventures of a gang of abandoned street kids known as “Capitães da Areia” (Captains of the Sands), in Salvador, Bahia, during the 1950s. Based on the novel by Jorge Amado


HELENO (2011)
SEP 21 Fri 7pm
Cine Adarna, UPFI Film Center
A biography of the tragic life of one of Brazil’s greatest soccer players, Heleno de Freitas.

Read more here: Heleno, A Football Player in Limbo


Sep 28 Fri 5PM
Videotheque UPFI Film Center
After diving into a shallow lake, a college student becomes tetraplegic. In his wheel chair, he remembers the important facts of his life as an adolescent.


Sep 28 Fri 7PM
English title : DURVAL RECORDS
Videotheque UPFI Film Center
Durval and his mother Carmita live at the back of “Durval Discos”, a record store they own in São Paulo, specializing in vinyl records. They lead a boring and unattractive life, until the day Durval hires a maid, Celia, to help his mother with the housekeeping. However, on her second day, Celia goes away leaving a 5-year-old child behind, Kiki, and a note promising to be back in a couple of days. Durval and Celia are charmed by the child at first, but soon they see some sad news about Celia and Kiki on TV that will change the whole situation.

Oct 5 Fri 5pm
English title: CENTRAL STATION
Videotheque UPFI Film Center
An emotive journey of a former school teacher, who write letters for illiterate people, and a young boy, whose mother has just died, in search for the father he never knew.

Oct 5 Fri 7pm
English title: CITY OF GOD
Videotheque UPFI Film Center
Two boys growing up in a violent neighborhood of Rio de Janeiro take different paths: one becomes a photographer, the other a drug dealer.



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