I have a 2006 edition of Lonely Planet Philippines and in there, nothing about the town of San Vicente can be found. But then of course, there is Google. I had intended to stay at Picardal Lodge because it was recommended by a friend but when we got there, we were told the lodge was fully booked for that weekend. We asked them for recommendations and they recommended Peace and Love Resort.

While we are on the subject of accommodations in San Vicente Poblacion, I have to say that the choices are very limited. I did not get to go around anymore to check out all the other places because when I went to Peace and Love Resort, I was already in love with the place.

Here is a list of other accommodations though, with help from from Josiah’s blog at Lakas.com.ph, click here for the link.

Picardal Lodge, San Vicente, Palawan


Located in front of, and across the street from, the market as well as the terminal, this lodge is very accessible. It has a nice garden and its own restaurant, and really friendly and helpful staff. If you want to know more about the lodge, there are pictures and more details here:

It has good reviews for its rooms and customer service but DO NOT take the description found on its Facebook page literally. “Picardal Lodge is surrounded by pristine beaches, shores with plenty of corals and exotic fish, huge open sea for deep sea diving, sport fishing, and sailing, virgin forest with plenty of waterfalls and caves, vast mangroves, challenging highlands, clean sea breeze, and has the longest white sandy beach in the Philippines – the 14-kilometer Long Beach.”

It is NOT on the beach itself but in the heart of town, surrounded by concrete. In its description, it might be taking into account the entire town of San Vicente. The 14-km long beach is outside of town and best accessed by renting habal-habals/motorcycles.

I did not get to see the rooms because they were all occupied.

Php400/night/room and Php600/night/room

Contact Information:
Cel. No.: +63 919 2392224 (Francis Picardal)
+ 63 920 476 4854 (Nelita B. Picardal)
E-mail: francis_rique@yahoo.com

They probably looked at me and my daughter and took that into consideration when they gave me their recommendation. They did not recommend to us any of the accommodations described in Josiah’s blog.


Located at the heart of town and about 150 meters from the public market and the port.

Fan room with 24-hour electricity

Php300/room/night good for 3pax
with an additional Php50 for every pax exceeding 3pax

Contact Number:

The 24-hour electricity part is important because the electricity in San Vicente only runs from 8AM-12MN.

This made the owner of Alicia’s Pension Haus, located near the market and on the side of the street of Picardal Lodge, decide against taking us in for the night. She said, “We have fan rooms, shared bathroom, and no electricity from midnight til 8am. Kawawa naman yung baby mo.” She recommended Peace and Love Resort instead.


The owners of Picardal Lodge suggested we check out Station 5. We were instructed to, from Picardal Lodge, take the first right turn, then the second right turn after, to get there. It is on the left side of the road.

The two rooms that were shown to us at Station 5 Inn were aircon rooms with its own private bathroom. But for the price of Php1,ooo (for the smaller one) and Php1,200 (for the larger one) and the over-all state and appearance of the room, I thought it was not really a good deal.

In this town though, there aren’t a lot of choices with regards to accommodations, so if you find yourself without one. Here is their contact number: +63 910 699 0417

Hyeon Lodge, San Vicente, Palawan


This was the place that the elderly man we were sitting next to in the shuttle van recommended. His house was just next door. He said rooms here only cost Php300-500/night. We decided to check it out but when we got there, there was nobody to greet us.

Nevertheless, here is the contact number:

Hyeon Lodge, San Vicente, Palawan

Yup, it is on the signage. But if its too small for you to read, its +63 918 229 5587


Being located in Brgy. New Agutaya, and not Poblacion, it is closer to Long Beach. Our habal-habal drivers actually recommended this place but we said we would check it out after Peace and Love Resort. Of course, we didn’t leave Peace and Love anymore when we got there.


Contact Number:
+63 930 2711011

Capari Resort, San Vicente, Palawan


Capari Resort, a modest boutique resort with 15 rooms, situated in a private cove, is a bit of a drive from the town proper. It is definitely not walking distance. This was a place I knew about because of a deal offered at a particular group buying site and because when I asked a friend of mine in El Nido if he knew any places to stay at in San Vicente, my friend’s friend recommended Capari because another friend, a girl I met when I first lived in El Nido back in 2005, is the current manager of the resort.

So I sent a message to Ms. Shaui on Facebook asking her for their off-peak rates as well as other recommendations. Being a boutique resort, their room rates were not in our budget range. She was also the one who recommended Picardal Lodge.

Premier Rooms P3,750+
De Luxe Rooms P3,250+
Standard Rooms P2,750+
(All Rooms are based on Double Occupancy with Complimentary Continental Breakfast, Air Conditioning, Hot and Cold Shower, Beach View)

Contact numbers:
Tel. +63-2-8885801-03
Mobile +63-908-6353469
Email: reservations@capariresort.com; info@capariresort.com, capariresort@gmail.com
Website: http://www.capariresort.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Capari-Resort/158390020889772

So we ended staying at Peace and Love Resort. And because I stayed there, I will make a separate blog about it.

We stayed there for the following reasons:
1. 24-hr electricity
2. Wi-fi
3. Hot-and-cold shower
4. Airconditioning (in addition to the availability of a fan)
5. CableTV
6. A great view of the bay from our own room’s balcony
7. Safety deposit box and mini-ref
8. HAIR DRYER (yes, hair dryer!)
9. A beautifully designed room
10. And for all of those, it only cost us Php1,500/night.

That blog is up next.


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