Finally! A ballet school for kids ages 2 to 5! Yes, I know there are other ballet schools for kids, like Twinkle Toes Ballet and Music Academy and Pink Toes Center for the Performing and Musical Arts, but these schools are either too far away from where we live or have a minimum age of 4. I had, for example, for the longest time, eyed Twinkle Toes because it offered baby ballet, but I found Fairview to be too far. Pink Toes has a branch in Antipolo but the kids have to be at least 4 years old.

So when my friend Miela Sayo started letting everyone know about her Little Ballet school, I was ecstatic! It is specifically for little children, and more importantly, it can be set up near you. Think: “ballet classes come to you!” and I was really happy.

Miela Sayo has been dancing since the age of five. She has trained with various ballet schools both in Manila and in Sydney, Australia. Radaike School of Ballet, Effie Nanas, Air Dance, Sydney Dance Company and Mango Dance School, to name a few. Teacher Miela is also a pre-school teacher, and a dance teacher for children.

Like most of her students, Miela found her appreciation of ballet through one memorable ballet teacher, years ago. Teacher Violeta has inspired Miela to be the best dancer that she can be, through careful instruction and encouraging her little imagination. Miela has grown up to love dance. She never stopped dancing and exploring the performing arts since.


Little Ballet strives to develop an early appreciation for ballet in young children through play, encouraging them to stretch their imagination while still mastering the discipline that ballet requires.


Little Ballet envisions a generation of young dancers who will love the art of ballet. Starting children at a young age, Little Ballet aims to develop dance appreciation in children through creative and imaginative learning.

Little Ballet offers a creative and unique ballet programme for pre-schoolers, ages 2 until 5 years old. The teachers are trained to teach the themed programme in an imaginative and non-traditional manner while instilling ballet techniques and discipline in all our classes.

Little Ballet currently has two classes:

Mommy and Me (ages 2-3)
This beginner Little Ballet class aims to teach young children to appreciate ballet with the help of one parent. This is a participation class, and not just a class wherein the parent merely spectates. The teacher demonstrates while the parents follow and teach their children. This class aims to develop that bond between parent and child within each class. Filled with half an hour of nursery rhymes and fun exercises, the Mommy and Me class is a class which both mom and child will surely enjoy!

Tots Class (ages 3-5)
This class aims to develop a child’s imagination through ballet. Each term explores a different theme (e.g. under the sea, inside the fairy castle), wherein children follow different ballet exercises. We will encounter different adventures in each class, like walking through the milkshake river and climbing the magic bridge into the magic castle! Children are encouraged to wear fairytale-themed dresses/skirts in each class, with tights and ballet shoes. Our teachers are also trained to instil discipline and stillness in each class. Children will also learn basic ballet technique and form through an imaginative and non-traditional teaching manner.

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