It is my first day back in Manila, after spending almost 11 days in the Visayas area – mainly in the islands of Cebu and Bohol. I have a lot of catching up to do: four months worth of photos and quite a number of blogs. My blog has been eerily quiet for the past three months. The days fly by, as do my thoughts, and my life. I try my best to keep up and basically live my life as quiet and productive as possible.

I have a lot to write about, a lot of people to see, a lot of places to go to, and it seems the days aren’t enough. Or even me, there is not enough of me. But again, I try my best to keep up.

Sometimes I do not know what exactly is happening, but I try to do things, always with my fingers crossed and hope and pray that what I am doing is right, or at least leads to something useful and worthy of the time I spend on it.

In my wanderings in the past months, I have managed to lose friends, and make friends, at the same time. Some of these friendships, I have surprisingly, managed to keep and nurture, regardless of time and distances. This gives me something to be proud of, despite many failings and shortcomings.

There have been a lot of changes in my life or the way I live it, but I am more inclined to wish that there are some changes too in the way I think and approach things, which I consider more important, for what is the purpose of changing things, when my heart and mind do not?

I once read a blog on the harvard business review website and thought about writing about it, a few months ago, when my life has not taken a significant turn just yet, but it got buried in the complexities.

It made me think about the many people that have been in, out, and around my life, and can only marvel at how much I owe them what I am. I am what I am right now because of these people, who have shaped me, and I cannot be grateful enough. I can only hope that they are as happy to have me in their lives as I am to have them in mine. All that I am, think, and do, have been shaped by the many people and things that I fit into my life, no matter how fleeting or enduring, and deep or shallow.

In the coming days, I hope to be able to post the photos from the following events since December, in my website, or my Flickr, or even in my Facebook. I have not really posted anything much. A friend messaged me last week to inform me of his observation, “How are you? You have been quiet on Facebook of late.”

December 8 – Philippine Ska Festival at the Makati Cinema Square
December 11 – Kidney for Kanji: Fundraising gig at B-Side
Dec 15 – Pulp Magazine+Colt45 Concert at the Park
Dec 17 – Discoball EP Launch at Big Sky Mind
Dec 25 – Christmas get together in Kasibulan with CrossFade Prod friends
Dec 28 – CrossFade Prod Year-ender Gig
Jan 5 – Pulp Magazine Shoot for Feb 2013 issue with UpDharmaDown and Save Me Hollywood
Jan 11 – Top Junk+The Chongkeys at Freedom Bar and Zilikustic
Jan 26 – Digital Influencer’s Marketing Summit 2013 Thunderbird Poro Point, La Union
Feb 3 – Digital Influencer’s Marketing Summit 2013 Thunderbird, Binangonan, Rizal
Complete and updated list of the El Nido Accommodations from January and February 2013
and finally,
the trips to Malapascua Island, Bantayan Island, and Panglao Island.

I am due for another important trip back to Puerto Princesa and El Nido next week and hope to be back to get to one of my best friends’ birthday party and baby shower at the end of the month. If finances permit.

For April, I can only guess what is in store.

I am extremely happy with the people I have met and spent time with so far this 2013 and hope that we can continue working together and making things happen, for everybody’s betterment. I have found mentors, support groups, life coaches, and some big-hearted individuals to draw strength from. I am, also, grateful beyond words.

I still have a lot of so-called work to finish and I fear that unless I spend quite a number of sleepless nights, they would continue to pile up on me, until I just give up on the past and move on.

I will be moving about a lot this year to spend important time with treasured friends, that I feel that I will have to “home-school” Lia for this year yet again. But then again, plans are just plans, and if plans do not come into fruition, the only reason is that, there are better things to do and better things meant for me and my family.

And amidst all these, I can only say, God is good, and good things are meant for people who, with good intentions, persist, who get up after failing, faltering and stumbling, and who, with one deep breath, dust their knees, bravely trudge on with nothing but these words on their lips, “I can do this.”