I said, “Welcome back to me, Photoshop. Long time no everything,” because it is only now, in the past three months, that I have opened this application to work on my photos. So long that I have, I believe, forgotten how to use it.

If you notice, I have a new watermark, and I am trying to do justice to it by putting it on photos that I am proud of myself and amusing myself with its placement every time.

If there are some differences in the ways I process my photos now, I have the following to thank for:

1. Mark Terence Sy – for the mentorship and the workshop last December where I learned a few camera tricks and tips, as well as how to use Adobe Bridge in some ways, among other things, of course.

2. My workshop classmates who basically taught me the existence of some, as well as how to use, awesome Adobe Photoshop plug-ins. I have not mastered them as I have not been sitting long enough in front of my laptop in the past months to effectively learn anything.

3. Some cheap filters that I acquired in November 2012 that I have also not mastered enough but yes, I will get there, that because they are cheap and I do not know anything, have also taught me how to use my camera in such a way that I shoot with the knowledge that I will crop the vignetted edges.

4. Some people and experiences to draw inspiration from. Not to mention infographics brought to me daily by my fantabulous Facebook feed.

In case you are wondering, I never shoot in JPEG. I always shoot in RAW in a bracketed series. I, when using my 18-135mm lens, almost always shoot with a CPL filter, in -/0/+ exposures, and merge the ones that I stack with the use of HDR Efex Pro and Adobe Photoshop CS6, both of which I have acquired free, from some generous souls that I, of course, will not name. I currently do not have any filters for my 50mm lens although I think I should. Also, in case you are wondering, I suffer an 8-GB SD card, an early 2010 MBP model with nearly 0 free hard disk space and an equally nearly 0 free disk space 1TB external hard disk. Contrary to some popular belief, I am poor. And because of that, I work with what I have, and try not to complain too much. I also accept donations. But if you owe me money, kindly pay. I also accept installments.

Oh, the watermark was designed by Folding Eight. Thanks so much for working within 2 days, even if it took me more than a month to actually use it. Wink.

I am a work in progress but I am proud of my journey.