I just voted.

And these are what I voted for:

(Yes, I am actually 31 and) the last item on the list checked seems so trivial, but I place quite high value on phone and internet access. That’s me being very, very personal, in my list of priorities. It was either that or better healthcare.

It was nice to know how the world voted, so far.

And to know that other people, in different parts of the world, think (and vote) nearly the same as I do. Like, am I the only one now who thinks climate change and better roads are important? My life revolves around the sea. I live and breathe water in all its forms. I think the world will be so much better if people had better roads, or am I the only one able to see now how there are still so many inaccessible areas in this country, and is road access good in every other country in the world except mine?

What it is The World We Want?

In a nutshell, The World We Want is a project of the United Nations. Like any developmental organization, the UN has a number of goals that they have set for a certain period, and the current set of goals will be reached in 2015. The UN is beginning to draft plans for 2015 onward, and want input from people it would not otherwise reach. It has turned to the internet and put up a poll to ask people like you and me to vote to nominate what we think are the six most pressing issues that the world is facing.

To read more on the project, visit the ABOUT page here.

Do take a moment and vote your priorities as well. Voice out. Be heard.

And to help further spread the word, I shared this project, along with my vote, to my social network. Vote and please do the same. Let us all help in having more voices shared and heard.

As I am quite passionate about this cause, I also did the following:

1. Signed up for the newsletter.
2. Liked their Facebook page.
3. Followed them on Twitter: @myworld2015