Register for the Service Provider Operations exams, provided by Cisco. The associate, professional, and expert level exams work to verify your knowledge of the network infrastructure, management concepts, performance problems, and troubleshooting protocol. Hands-on experience using the relevant technologies is highly recommended, as these exams are designed to support individuals in gaining higher-end, company-specific jobs within this field. Additional knowledge and training resources are available, including ExamTrace, a practice exam and study guide program that many participants find extremely helpful in passing the exam and gaining career-distinguishing knowledge.

Earning the Cisco CCNA certification can be done by passing the 640-760 SSPO exam, which goes over such things as performance management, configuration, and change procedures. Four exams must be passed in order to earn the CCNP certification. Participants must demonstrate an ability to maintain routing protocols, VPNS/MPLS networks, and quality of service, and should have adequate knowledge of operational foundations and operation/network management processes and systems. The CCIE certification requires a passing score on a written and practical exam; knowledge of advanced concepts and their relation to specific scenarios is desired.

Overall, the Service Provider Operations program is one that will open up many doors within the IT field. Although individuals of any education background can register, the exams (and the material they contain) are considered slightly more advanced than other certification programs. Becoming certified will serve as the perfect representation of your skills and abilities to maintain a service provider network within a Cisco IT company.