When I started looking for a space to lease in January 2013, I was really looking for a place to put the milk tea shop and the booking/ticketing office slash travel agency. (Outventure was not really supposed to be a travel agency, it is supposed to be a payment services outfit, but I found out that in El Nido, there is no distinction among booking office, ticketing office, travel agency, and/or tour operator – they are all the same). I was looking for a space to put the Outventure office because I needed a business permit and physical address. I started looking in January 2013 for a place in a not-so-busy area of El Nido where rent was reasonable. It took me nearly a year and 4 potential spaces before I found one some time in September 2013. Serena Street is probably the third busiest street in El Nido but it was what I found. I had a personal deadline and  it seemed I was running out of time and choices.

So I found a space and it was bigger than what I intended. I needed to fill it up. And that’s when I decided to fill it up with items from my micro-entrepreneur friends. Friends that I have found when I still had Kikayism – an online reseller; and participated in and supported the Global Pinoy/Yabang Pinoy advocacy. I still believe in and support that advocacy. In the Outventure shop, all the items we sell are made in the Philippines.


Yabang Pinoy is a Filipino pride movement which envisions every Filipino being proud to be Filipino.

Yabang Pinoy encourages its volunteers to live happy, passionate, and meaningful Filipino lives by effecting positive social change. The organization hopes every Filipino will realize the greatness in bearing the citizenship.

If Filipinos will be conscious of the small great changes they can do, they will understand the purchasing power of P1. For every foreign product in the market, there are comparable local options. If Filipinos continue to look more to them for consumption, demand will make better the economy.

Yabang Pinoy also hopes its volunteers will influence their own social circles to spread the word about thinking Filipino. To be infectious, they must always be ready to address negative comments or news about the Philippines and the Filipino people.

Company Overview

Its advocates and volunteers are the young and idealistic Filipinos who spearheaded change in the mindsets of their countrymen. They want to convert “closet” Pinoys into Shouting Proud Pinoys, Filipinos who share the impassioned spirit and love for their country with fellow Filipinos and people from around the world. This change, they believe, will happen because they are starting it now. We are the change we want to be.

Yabang Pinoy is a Filipino pride movement which envisions every Filipino being proud to be Filipino, believing in fellow Filipinos, and patronizing Filipino ideas, concepts and services.

I tapped into my network and partnered with entrepreneur friends who were willing to lend me their items, without paying for them outright. I was minimizing my start-up costs and my friends were very supportive. Now, the Outventure office and shop carries these items, on display and on sale.


Palamuti by PJ Valenciano 
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/palamutibypjvalenciano
Website: http://www.palamutishop.com/us/


Palamuti by PJ Valenciano (Palamuti Storytelling Jewels) are made by a woman who was inspired to create from the complexities of women, which transcends to accessories for every woman. Behind every piece is a vision of creating customized and original costume jewelry for today’s modern woman using different materials, mainly incorporating an element that is proudly Filipino. All handmade Palamuti costume jewelries and accessories are products which are painstakingly improved through a continuous process of learning and refining techniques that fuse both modern and traditional methods, and are guaranteed to be one of a kind. Each individual piece is not only an expression of art, beauty, and style, they are interwoven with the stories of the wonderful women who have been inspirationally instrumental to the birth of these pieces.


Our mission is to provide Filipino artists with an opportunity to showcase their designs, creativity, and artistic talent through the internet’s global platform. Palamuti has made it a goal to train and employ women from impoverished communities and provinces in the Philippines, handpicked for their potential and artistic aptitude, to become highly skilled craftswomen specializing in handmade products.

Company Overview

We design fashion accessories and costume jewelries known as Palamuti Storytelling Jewels (Palamuti by PJ Valenciano). Part of our vision to provide employment opportunities for talented, underprivileged women. Gradually we are achieving this endeavor, and to date our embellished statement necklaces are made by our trained craftswomen from one of the urban poor communities in Metro Manila. We create not just to make a living but to make a life.


PITAKA: Your Lifestyle Billfold
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Pitakalifestyle.tarpwallets

Pitaka Lifestyle Billfolds are tarp wallets with Pinoy ad hoc designs inspired by everyday Filipino pop culture.


We are a backyard industry that creates tarp wallets made from durable tarpaulin, printed and produced locally. These may be recycled, re-used and upcycled used tarps for social awareness and betterment. Each tarp wallet can be customized with an own artwork for a minimum bulk order. You can choose to submit your own design or let the Pitaka team design for you.

Each tarp coin purse measures approximately 3 x 5 inches where you can store personal i.d.’s, coins, and even a small mobile phone. Aside from its durable material, the Pitaka Lifestyle team prides itself with Pinoy quirky designs inspired by everyday Pinoy culture uniquely evident on each item made.

The Pitaka Lifestyle has also expanded to providing other tarp varieties such as passport holders, tote bags, bill clips, travel pouches and organizers among others.


Bambag Canvas Bags
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bambagcollection
Website: http://bambagcollection.com/

“Bambags are made out of canvas materials.

It started in high school when I was so fond of using this material and sew my own curtain, clothes, costume and bags. Therefore, it inspired me to continue designing this material, specifically, canvas bags.

Bambags are very unique and designed for everyday use. It is intended to be a blank canvas to give the customers the freedom to personalize their own bag or just have a plain white canvas bag. Though, there are limited collections where in, the bags are printed with the designs of featured artists like painting and photography.

We also have the Snap Tote and Tote Bags for souvenirs or just for personal use. Especially now, that we are to saving the environment.” – Bamba de Guzman, designer and owner of Bambag Enterprise


Agos Pilipinas
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/agoslifestyle
Website: http://www.agoslifestyle.com

Agos is a clothing label rooted in the Philippines. We are drawn to the sea & inspired by those raised in the city yet their soul dwells in the ocean.


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lifeonthesands
Website: http://www.lifeonthesands.com

Lagu is the first beach-friendly beach blanket. Unlike ordinary towels, Lagu repels sand allowing you to lay with ease while also conserving the beach. It’s unique linen blend is allergen-free and has quick-dry properties, keeping it fresh for repeated use.

Friendly to both you and the beach, Lagu is the only beach blanket you’ll need for your life on the sands.

Save the Sand, Save the Beach 🙂


What If Handmade
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/whatifhandmadeshop
Website: http://www.whatifhandmade.com

What If items are planet friendly — they are made from random remnant fabric; are repurposed and upcycled. What If products try to make a difference — production of our core products contribute to the livelihood of marginalized communities: the weavers of the north, and the urban PWD’s. What If items are handmade! Each item is made with love, care and personal attention.

Contributing to the GREEN movement and developing self sufficient individuals one HANDMADE product at a time.
We tinker, we toy, we twiddle. We create, we craft, we cross-over.

Great companions on the road, on a plane, in the office or in the movie house. Use as souvenir gifts for celebratory events such as birthdays, anniversaries, etc. A unique token for family and friends. Each pillow is printed with an endearing phrase using alibata, the ancient Filipino alphabet, also known as baybayin. Our Alibata Pillow measures 12×20 inches.

Go-go Towel is your travel towel. As with our Travel Blanky, Go-go Towel is handwoven in La Union province. It is made from cotton fiber, is textured and unbleached. Its pouch is mesh material half-way, to allow faster drying and prevent moldy, damp odor.

Keep warm and cozy in our Travel Blanky. They come in either fleece or Ilocos hand-woven style of blanket. Blankets can be folded into the attached pouch and used as a pillow if you choose to. Great for travel and long trips, to keep warm and comfy in cold movie houses and chilly air-conditioned places. Great for kids too.

Check out this denim collection! door stop? bookend? paper weight? It is what you want it to be.

WindChi – catch the breeze, bring in positive chi, and have a calm, restful day.

*Photos and text above are from their respective websites and pages.


Happy Milk Tea Day

Facebook page: www.facebook.com/HMTDay

Being a milk tea addict, I also put up a milk tea shop in El Nido. It is the only milk tea shop in town. It might be hidden in the boutique and office, but it is there. The left side of the shop is the booth where one can order the following drinks. We try to avoid the use of plastic as much as we can, so if you can come in with your own container, you get a discount. 🙂


Since we sell drinks, milk tea and bottled water are also available, we took it upon ourselves to offer beer at below zero degrees. People come in to the shop and ask, “what is beer below zero?”, thinking it is a brand of beer, but we inform that those are San Miguel Beer products served very cold, below zero degrees, because it is not a beer if it is not ice cold. Yes, if you are looking for the coldest beer in El Nido, we have it in the Outventure shop. Because El Nido only gets electricity from 2PM-6AM, it is common, if not the norm, to get nearly warm beers, if you order it in the restaurants. People come in sometimes specifically for the ice cold beers and they are absolutely grateful. For our part, we are just happy to be able to make people happy. Even in this little way.


If you are looking for Outventure, here is our address:

Serena St., Brgy. Buena Suerte, El Nido, Palawan

Directions: Same street as El Nido Boutique and Art Cafe. From the port/pier, it is on the right, after Pura Vida, La Salangane and Shipwreck Pension
If coming from Rizal Street (main street), it is on the left, after Sealand Venture, Alternative Inn and Restaurant, and Seadog Diving

Website: www.outventureph.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/outventureph
Twitter: www.twitter.com/outventureph
Instagram: instragram.com/outventureph
Email: outventureph@gmail.com
Contact: +63 947 899 9109