I was in Manila last week for my friend’s wedding. She and I have been friends since university and have been through all kinds of stuff! Like really, all kinds! 😛

This was taken at my bridal shower in 2006.


And she was the on-the-day coordinator for my wedding.


I move around a lot so we don’t get to see each other much. We make it a point to see each other when we can – in the few times I am in Manila each year.

This was taken outside of 70’s Bistro in Quezon City in 2012. This was the night she told me she was getting married.


And last week was her wedding. E.J. Litiatco did her make-up, as well as mine. EJ also took these photos. 😉

2014-05-03 10.23.51

2014-05-03 10.24.04

From our days working in the theater, to music video production and events coordination, days of being freelance production assistants, to days at Wharf Galley and in Bicol, picks ups and drops offs at the airport and bus stations, numerous trips to Divisoria and Quiapo, and even to whole sale clubs, to sleep overs and visits at each other’s houses, and emergencies, and through weddings, birthday parties, Christmas visits, and kids, we are best friends through and through.

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