First off, some credits where/to whom credit is due.

Happy World Turtle Day from all five species of sea turtles that can be found in Palawan! El Nido Resorts takes part in sea turtle conservation by protecting their nesting sites, educating guests and staff, and engaging in monitoring activities.

Trivia: Can you guess which turtle is which?

One of the ways sea turtles can be identified is by counting the number of scutes on its shell.

Artwork by Pangulasian Island Environmental Officer Jenica Dizon

In February, 89 baby turtles hatched in front of our resort, The Last Beach Cottages (Hippocampe) in Caalan Beach. Here is the video.


And some photos taken by the staff.

I was not at the resort when this happened although Lia was. 😉

As for the Trivia question, here is the answer (from top, clockwise): Olive Ridley, Hawksbill, Green, Leatherback, and Loggerhead.