Image downloaded (and text below lifted) from the Facebook page of WWF-Philippines.

“Today is World Oceans Day!

The planet’s oceans and coasts are home to an incredible array of life – and are vital to human health, livelihoods, and cultures. But damaging and unsustainable human activities are taking their toll on marine habitats and marine species around the world.

WWF works toward a future in which well-managed oceans and coasts are resilient, full of life, and capable of supporting sustainable development.

Visit to find ways to help!”

Image by El Nido Resorts.

Illustration work by artist Gianna Pergamo. Image downloaded from the page of Ocean Chronicles.


Image downloaded from the Facebook page of Saving the oceans for our children.


Image downloaded from the Facebook page of Ocean Conservancy.


Also, you can buy these awesome shirts from WWF!

“In celebration of World Oceans Day, we invite you to show your love for the blue heart of our planet! We have partnered with Analog Soul for these tees, which you can wear to show your support for WWF-Philippines’ Marine Conservation programs.

Each shirt comes at PHP 550. Get it as a gift and give back to our seas! Email for inquiries.

WWF works with key partners and stakeholders – such as fishers, local communities, governments, other conservation groups, and global conventions – to find and implement innovative solutions. We also help bring governments together to cooperate on managing their shared marine resources. Your donation helps ensure the success of these initiatives.”

In response to World Ocean’s Day and the commitment of Outventure to sustainable and responsible tourism, we are making every island hopping trip of Outventure in Bacuit Bay a beach clean up drive! Outventure is fully committed to environmental protection and responsible tourism that we bring Lagu beach towels (beach-friendly towels that are sand-repellent so that one that does not take the sand from the beach), refillable and re-usable water bottles, and we avoid the use of disposable plates, utensils, and cups for the island lunch, we are also now making every beach trip a clean up drive. We hope that along with paying the Php200 environment fee which El Nido calls the Eco-Tourism Development Fee (ETDF), guests will also participate actively in collecting trash that they encounter on the beaches and the waters when they are out island hopping.


To know more about World Oceans Day and how one can support and participate, visit the website at
To know more about marine conservation efforts in the Philippines, visit the Marine Wildlife Watch of the Philippines website at
To know more about how to help in marine life conservation in big and little ways, it would be helpful to read the following articles:

Let’s all do our part, in however way we can, to protect and conserve our oceans and the life in it.

Happy World Oceans Day!