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July 2014

Salina Bamba Beach, Porto Coda Cavallo, San Teodoro, Sardegna, Italy

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“In the middle of the Mediterranean sea, Sardinina is still wild and mostly rocky with plains, coasts, mountains and hills. Along its 1731 kilometers of shoreline there are some of the most beautiful marine habitats. Its coasts are generally high and rocky, stretching for miles with headlands and deep inlets fringed by islands and islets, extremely long beaches with powdery sand, from dazzling white to pink to granite red. The crystal-clear sea has many different hues: turquoise, cobalt blue, azure, emerald green. Sardinia also has numerous islands: Asinara, La Maddalena and Caprera; Tavolara and Molara in the northeast: San Pietro and Sant’Antioco in the southwest. Five protected marine environments have also been established to safeguard the sea, the coast and the flora and fauna.” p. 76, Authentic Sardinia, The Touring Club of Italy.


Boat Trips with Lia

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Our very first boat trip came two days after we arrived in Sardegna, on the dive boat of Blu Infinto Diving Center. It turned out to be a very windy day and me with my motion sickness, which I have had since I was a kid but is exacerbated when I travel too much, which I actually do too, boo (hu hu), was not very happy. Lia was, though, as she always is, with practically anything and everything.

Boat Trips with Lia

Boat Trips with Lia


Si, Grazie

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It was cold and raining when we arrived in Milano a week ago. Taking the EasyJet plane from Milano to Olbia, filled with kids of all ages, wide-eyed smiling mothers and understanding fathers, and seated next to two blonde girls in their late teens or early twenties dressed in tank tops and low-hanging jeans who were all smiles to my daughter and helping her out with her seat belt and sandals, it was such a drastic change from the Filipino-filled Etihad plane from Manila to Abu Dhabi, and the mixture of Italians dressed in casual and business attires from Abu Dhabi to Milano. I watched my daughter stay up the first three hours enjoying the television and movies on the Etihad plane to just sleeping through all the connecting flights.

At NAIA 1 and in the Etihad plane from Manila to Abu Dhabi – July 1

From El Nido to Manila to Abu Dhabi to Milan and to Olbia, we took a total of four planes, and in the van from the Olbia airport to our home in Villagio Porto Coda Cavallo, rolling through the sunny, bush-filled hills and plains of Sardegna, I was thinking to my little girl self, “In this big, big world, how did I manage to get found? I have come sooo…. far.”

The first week was spent getting to know the immediate areas and the people in them – the bar in the piazzetta where Lia and I take my daily dose of macchiato and her gelatto, the beaches of Salina Bamba, just in front of our home, and Giardanchini, a mere fifteen minutes walk from our village through grazing fields and hills; the dive shop, market, pharmacy, and boutique. I spend the mornings saying “Boungiorno” to the garden keepers who water the lawn and trim the flowering plants, while watching the various birds hop about from bush to bush and tree to tree, and gazing at the sea. We have been to San Teodoro and Olbia more times than I cared to count because I craved for sweets and we needed supplies – groceries, medicines, supplies for Lia’s home schooling, slippers, beach and sand toys, and a new smartphone because apparently, my roaming bill is now approximately Php25,000.

At Bar da Gavino