This year’s Puraran Surfing Cup is happening on October 8-11 and I will be there from October 7-10! Awesome! I didn’t get to go last year and ever since I went there with my parents and their friends back in 2008, I have always wanted to come back to watch the surf competition! No, not really the competition, just to watch the Majestics. We were there in July 2008 and it was absolutely flat. I want to see the Majestics for myself. I don’t think I will be surfing as I am grossly cardiovascularly-unfit and I have not surfed in 2 years. No, the short trip to Bali early this year does not count. It was more like paddle practice while being slammed by waves on the reef and getting bruised and scratched by corals and urchins.

I am flying from Manila to Naga the day before and will leave Naga on the 4AM bus to Legazpi. I have to catch the 6:30AM ferry from Tabaco port to Virac, and from the terminal, catch a public van going to Puraran. I am excited!

If any of you are interested, here are some helpful details:

Fly from Manila to Naga (and do the same as I will)
Fly from Manila to Legazpi
Fly from Manila to Virac
Flights take an hour or so via Cebu Pacific. Philippine Airlines also fly from Manila to Naga and Legazpi but not Virac.

Ferry Schedules:
Riding the ferry boat from Tabaco, Albay is one way to go to the island. Here is the schedule from Tabaco City Port to San Andres and Virac Port and Vice Versa:

Tabaco Port to Virac Port:
Depart: 0630AM Arrive: 1030AM

Virac Port to Tabaco Port:
Depart: 0100PM Arrive: 0500PM

Tabaco Port to San Andres (Calolbon) Port:
Depart: 0700AM Arrive: 1000AM
Depart: 0100PM Arrive: 0400PM

San Andres (Calolbon) Port to Tabaco Port:
Depart: 0800AM Arrive: 1100AM
Depart: 0100PM Arrive: 0400PM

Note: During peak seasons, ferry operators change their departure schedule to accommodate the increase of passengers, you can contact the Tabaco port or the operators.

(This information is taken from Marem Pension House’s website.)

Majestic Puraran Beach Resort with website at
Puraran Surf Beach Resort with website at

Here are some photos taken in Puraran back in 2008:

yellow hammock in puraran

On the Way to Baras

Puraran Bay

Glassiest beach ever



See you there!