The airport is actually in the town of Sibulan, 3 km away from Dumaguete city center. You can take a tricycle right outside the Arrivals area of the airport for Php60 from the airport directly to the port or anywhere in the city. Or you can walk towards the airport exit and take any of the jeepneys passing by and pay only Php8.


  • Ferry from Dumaguete port to Siquior port and v.v. via Delta Fast Ferries costs about Php200 or via Ocean Jet, costs from Php210 to Php360. Travel takes 45 minutes.
  • Delta Fast Ferries also travel from Dumaguete port to Larena port via Ocean Jet from Php230 (Tourist Class/Open Air) to Php360 (Business Class/Aircon).

Alternatively, one can travel from Tagbilaran, Bohol island to Larena port, Siquijor. Ocean Jet takes you there from Php700 (Tourist Class/Open Air) to Php1,000 (Business Class/Aircon)



  1. Tricycle to Lazi or Siquijor center costs about Php500
  2. Transfer from Siquijor port to San Juan via a/c van per way Php600-800
  3. Transfer from Larena port to San Juan via a/c van per way Php700-900

Some resorts like Coco Grove Beach Resort offer the transfer from these ports free. Inquire ahead of time with your accommodations.
Travel in Siquijor 2016



  1. Salamangka Beach and Dive Resort, San Juan town
    Travel in Siquijor 2016
    One of the most expensive and newest resorts in the island, the resort boasts of modern facilities and a most impressive solar panel system on its roof. It prides itself in having a spa, gym, swimming pool, poolside bar, and excellent services from its staff. Food and drinks are also good enough for one to not want to go anywhere else.The resort is by the beach is not by the road. To get there, one must go through the villages on a dirt road. Rooms go from Php3,680 to Php12,480 exclusive of breakfast.Note that children 6 years get to stay for free if sharing the bed whereas other resorts like Coco Grove only has this for children 3 years under.
  2. Coco Grove Beach Resort, San Juan townFrom the outside and the entrance, Coco Grove Beach Resort looks posh and impressive. It is equipped with all the amenities one can ask for in a beach resort. It has swimming pools, bars and restaurants, beach loungers, water sports activities, and a wide range of options for the rooms. But I would never stay here. I find it too crowded and too noisy. If you have a big group and kids of all ages that need to be entertained by somebody else other than you, this is the place to go. For couples and travelers who like the quiet and being left alone, it is better to stay somewhere else.
    Room rates are from Php3500 to Php9,500 per night inclusive of breakfast for two.
  3. U Story Guesthouse, San Juan town
    Travel in Siquijor 2016
    This beautiful hidden guesthouse only has five native bungalows with prices ranging from Php2,450 – Php3,500 per night. Each with king-sized beds, private terraces, wooden floors, and Balinese bathrooms with open roof. Its bar and restaurant is an absolute gem, unparalleled in its comfort and ambiance. The food is delicious and well-priced.
  4. Villa Marmarine, Siquijor town
    Travel in Siquijor 2016
    I have been to this resort 8 years before and I find it always in the same condition, which is unlike what one reads on its website. The food is definitely not the best in the island but is not bad. When we were there in January 2016, the staff seemed to be missing and the cottages seemed to be unoccupied and completely boarded up. Some were in a bit of disrepair. I still love this place and go here because of the view. Among all four accommodations listed here, this is the cheapest. If I were to come back to Siquijor and U Story Guesthouse is fully booked, this is the place I would choose to stay with instead. Room rates range from Php800 to Php5,000 exclusive of breakfast.



  1. Diving and Snorkeling
    The island has excellent diving. Apo Island is also accessible from Siquijor but one has to ask for the schedule with the dive shops because they do not go everyday. Most of the sites are on the west side of the island so staying in the town of San Juan is best. There is excellent snorkeling in front of Coco Grove Beach Resort. If you are not a guest, you cannot get inside the resort and you are supposedly not allowed to hang out on their beach. But there is a parcel of land in between one part of Coco Grove Beach Resort, the original one, if my memory serves me right, and the extension. The extension has the swimming pools and more buildings and rooms. Find the pathway in the piece of land without a fence in between the resort and you will find yourself in public property. Find the locals guarding the area and pay the corresponding Php50 fee with them and you can snorkel in front of the beach of Coco Grove Beach Resort. From there, you can also enjoy sunset and drinks at the restaurant of the resort. Once you get past the entrance, they actually do not care if you are a guest in the resort or not, as long as you dine or drink at their restaurant.
  2. Motorbike or Tricycle Trip around the Island
    Motorbike rental per day costs Php250-350 while a whole day tricycle rental costs Php1,000. Public transportation in the island is a little difficult to come by so renting a motorbike for a few days is advisable.
  3. Cambugahay Waterfalls
    Travel in Siquijor 2016
    Located 2 km north of the town of Lazi and accessible by road – some of which are in the process of rehabilitation, provided with a parking space with corresponding fees for motorbikes, tricycles, or four-wheeled vehicles, and a descending stone staircase.
    It is a series of tiered waterfalls with fresh water from natural sources that meander about 3 kilometers downstream and creating numerous lagoons and small rapids. A popular activity is swinging from the side of one of the lagoons and dropping into the water below. Another is sipping fresh coconut (buko) juice while perhaps waiting for one’s turn in the swing. There are some personnel from the tourism office standing guard, making sure that there are no accidents or providing information if needed.
  4. Salagdoong Beach
    A popular beach for the locals located in the town of Maria. To get there, you must pass through a manmade forest of molave trees – one that I always enjoyed. There is a minimal entrance fee. It also has some accommodations, restaurants, and rest rooms. Although personally, I never really liked this place.
  5. Enchanted Balete Tree
    Located roadside in the town of Lazi, with a big parking lot and open space for parking as well as options for snacks and souvenirs, this centuries-old tree cannot be missed. The magnificent giant tree has a spring basin where one can enjoy serenity and perhaps even a fish foot spa.