I was on my way home some time after ten in the evening after the dinner at Milano Torino Restaurant in an Uber when we realized that Fabio had picked up Dario’s phone off the table instead of mine and put it in my bag. By that time, the car was almost near our flat in Lane Cove and it was decided that it was better that I be dropped off first and the driver return to Rosebery to bring the phone back. This mistake cost us about a hundred AUD. Costly eh?!

Fabio came home shortly after four in the morning after a great night out drinking with his friend. I didn’t mind. I’m that kind of girlfriend who didn’t feel the need to always be with my boyfriend, especially when he is with his friends, and especially if he or they are also family men. Dario, the owner of Milano Torino, is himself married to a Vietnamese Australian and together they have two kids. I have more trust in men with families because I know they would also have their families to worry about and come home to and they would take more precaution with what they do and where they go. In El Nido, I felt the need to be more strict with Fabio’s night outs because he mostly had single friends and El Nido is full of tourists who are out to have a “good time”. Besides, when people are older, in their 30’s or 40’s, their ability to handle hangovers decreases significantly and affects their productivity for the next day.

Predictably, Fabio was badly hungover on our family day out with my sister’s family the next day. He slept in the car the entire time. My sister had packed a picnic lunch for the entire family and we had it under the shade of trees in the Royal Botanic Gardens of Sydney. Fabio was barely alive but we didn’t mind. We left him sleeping on the picnic mat while we explored the garden. I ran around with my nieces exploring plants, flowers, paths, and little ponds, with the help of the map that we got from visitor centre at the entrance. By this time I have seen so many tourist maps that I can already consider myself an expert at map navigation!

From the Botanic Gardens we drove to Blue Mountains to join the hordes of tourists at Three Sisters at Echo Point. Blue Mountains is approximately 50 kilometers NW of the Sydney CBD. Since it is a mountain range, several established towns are situated on its heights, including Katoomba, Blackheath, Mount Victoria, and Springwood. It also includes the local government areas of the City of Blue Mountains, the City of Hawkesbury, the City of Lithgow and Oberon Shire.

The Three Sisters is the Blue Mountains’ most spectacular landmark and is essentially an unusual rock formation representing three sisters who according to Aboriginal legend were turned to stone. (Read more about the legends here.)

Sydney, Australia (March 2016)

“The character of the Three Sisters changes throughout the day and throughout the seasons as the sunlight brings out the magnificent colours. The Three Sisters is also floodlit until around 11pm each evening looking simply spectacular set against the black background of the night sky.

Each of the Three Sisters stand at 922, 918 & 906 metres tall, respectively. That’s over 3000 feet above sea level! ”

The Three Sisters rocks are just like me and my sisters! There are also three of us with different heights! Haha! So I did not waste time and had to take a photo with my own real-life, moving, but also sometimes as hard as rock, sister. She has such fair skin that next to her, I look adopted.

Sydney, Australia (March 2016)

Our other sister went to Sydney with my nephew at a different time and I am pretty sure they also have a picture together here, the other of the two sisters with the three sisters. I have a picture with my other sister during our trip to Disneyland Hong Kong in April 2016 where I also look like I was adopted into the family. Next to me, Fabio, who is supposedly white, looks Latino, but only because he stays in the sun all the time due to the nature of his job. Next to my sisters, I look really brown! My sisters look more Chinese than Malay.

From Blue Mountains, we drove to Lincoln’s Rock, a scenic lookout in Wentworth Falls. Sometimes it is closed and we were lucky to have been able to visit it. By this time Fabio had considerably recovered and was pretty much awake.

Sydney, Australia (March 2016)

“As well as the all-encompassing views of Jamison Valley, which change colour throughout the day as the sun and clouds move overhead, the drawcard of Lincoln’s Rock is the impressive optical-illusion photo you can get as a memento, which makes it appear as though you’re sitting literally on the edge of a cliff. In truth you are, except that there’s a fairly safe ledge just below that would stop you from falling very far. But people who see your photo won’t know that – they’ll just think you like to live on the edge . (NB: no authorities would recommend you attempt to take this pic, and if you do it’s at your own risk!)”Source

Sydney, Australia (March 2016)

Sydney, Australia (March 2016)

Sydney, Australia (March 2016)

If you can make it to Lincoln’s Rock, the trip would be worth it. After all, it has five star reviews on Trip Advisor.

And on this day, our trip to Sydney officially ends. We flew together the next day to Coolangatta airport in Queensland for a long stay in the area of Byron Bay. I came back to Australia later in June with my daughter as I had a multiple entry visa valid for one year. We stayed two months but we explored other Australian cities and Lia never got to see any of the beaches in Sydney, the gardens, or Blue Mountains. All the places I went to in Sydney in March, I never got to back to again. Our mother-daughter trip was a completely different experience.