I am not going to suddenly become a beauty blogger because I have never been that much into beauty or make-up but I will post my thoughts and experiences, reviews in short, about the products I own and use. Shortly after I started dating my Italian now-husband, I slowly began to obsess about good food, health, and fitness. He made such an emphasis on living a good life by eating healthy, fresh, and delicious, even to the point of being expensive, food; having an active lifestyle, and sleeping well. I never cared much for any of those. I ate what I wanted. I barely exercised and have never been to any gym. I slept at odd hours of the day and night for periods of three hours every time. He changed all those.

Also,  I hit thirty-five and every article I read on health and fitness seem to mention skincare. Wear sunscreen! Use moisturizer! Start using anti-aging products!

Although I never had to deal with acne, I always had oily skin. Oily skin that bothered my sister more than me. I am actually proud of my oily skin. No need for moisturizer, I said! I did get a bout of acne on my face and back during my pregnancy and it left some noticeable marks on my cheeks. I also get some form of allergic reaction to dust, sunscreen, stress, or maybe a combination of any of those, that manifests in sandpaper-like bumps on my forehead.

That’s what I had when I left Sardegna and traveled for nearly four days with five flights across six countries to get to Manila. I was on the flight from Singapore to Manila on Scoot on a midnight flight, sleepily browsing through the in-flight magazine and duty-free catalog when this product caught my eye:

“This Ultrasonic Cleanser combines ultrasonic ions (positive and negative) with electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) to cleanse and lift the skin. Ultrasonic technology combined with positive ions may help clean the pores of dirt and debris. Ultrasonic technology combined with negative ions may help deliver nutrients from serum or face cream deep into skin’s layers. Gentle EMS currents use a unique secondary movement which may help tighten facial muscles and improve elasticity. Compact and rechargeable via USB.”

Perhaps it was the use of the word “ions” or the “clean the pores of dirt and debris” part that got to the scientist and lazy me who has no time to go to salons to have facials. Since I moved to Italy I have been doing some services on my own, like cutting mine and my daughter’s hair, and doing my own facials at home. I even have my own dermatologist kit with all those tools for cleaning pores of white heads and blackheads.

I and my daughter are also very lazy shoppers. I mostly do my shopping online and I love that items I need just get delivered to my home with barely an effort from me.

I thought about how wonderful it would be to add this little [expensive] gadget to my dermatologist kit and do a complete cleansing ritual in the comfort of my own home whenever I felt like it. Or even everyday!

The idea excited me even if the price did not. (214.99 Euros on the Lifetrons website.) I slept on it for a bit and when I heard the captain announce that we were landing soon, only did I make the decision. “Go for it!” I told myself, “You would need it when you get to Manila and while you are in Manila with all the pollution.” I also thought that since it was for my face, and I really should take care of my face because it is more important than the clothes or shoes I wear or the bag I carry, I can splurge on it.

I did get it for 210SGD so with Php currency conversion, I paid nearly half of its price on its own website.

I was only in the Philippines for a little over a week and I used the device for maybe eight times, and there were already results. My husband said I looked prettier when I came back than when I left.

“I don’t know how that is even possible but with you it is,” he had said and as usual I just laughed. For all we know, it could have been this device or just the joy of having been able to see and be with friends and loved ones emanating from my face.

I have been using this device now for almost a month, not everyday, and sometimes only at night, and I can say that it actually works. Yes, there goes my review in a nutshell. This expensive device works and it is worth its price. Yes, I would recommend that you buy it. I would also recommend that you use it morning and evening.

My skin seems always clean and even smoother. I really like this little device and it now comes with me in my travel essentials bag.

I use the Deep Cleansing Mode more often than the Nutrition Delivery Mode, and use the EMS Lifting Mode quite sparingly. I like that when I use the Deep Cleansing Mode and there is some moisture on my face, there is atomization. I like that when I use the EMS Lifting Mode there are tiny tingling, prickling sensations on my skin that even though it kind of scares me, makes me think that the device actually works.



For more info, visit the Lifetrons website.