I have to say that in the past three weeks, I have been accumulating skin care and make-up products in my quest for the best possible regimen and it all started with a news article that was in my Google news feed – What Every Guy Can Learn from Kim Kardashian West’s Skincare Routine. In this article, what caught me most was the emphasis on La Mer products.

I went on the La Mer Europe website and started browsing at the many products available from the brand. In the end, all I really, really wanted to buy was the La Mer Renewal Oil. It sounded very promising!

My skin is not really bad but it isn’t really good either so I was excited to try the oil. Only to find that I could not purchase from the website with my Philippine-issued credit card. I decided to go and find a store in Turin that sells it. I first went to the nearest Amoretti store, which was incidentally at Piazza Solferino where I take the bus back on my way home from work. I dropped by this prestigious boutique but they only had the La Mer creme. I decided to walk further to the Douglas branch in Via Roma, and there, I came out with not the La Mer Renewal Oil, but the La Mer Foundation with SPF30, La Mer concealer, and the limited edition La Mer Soleil Bronzing Powder. I asked them if they gave away samples because if you purchase on the website, you are entitled to three samples of your choice, and they informed me they didn’t. They gave me samples of La Prairie products instead. “They’re not La Mer samples but they’re even better,” the saleslady who assisted me told me. They give discounts and other perks to Douglas card holders as well so I got that too.

Before this, my entire make-up collection consisted of everything Sephora. I have been living make-up free since I moved to El Nido in 2013 so I didn’t know anything. There is a Sephora store 150 meters away from my house so I dropped in there to get whatever I could, also walking away with a Sephora card. I have to say that even though Sephora products are not bad, they’re not that good either. So I was okay with letting them go. I’ll elucidate on that on another post.

What I liked about my Douglas boutique experience was I got the exact shade of foundation and concealer that I would have gotten wrong had I bought them on the website. To be honest, I already had the foundation and powder in my cart on the website but actually testing for the right shade was probably the best thing that ever happened to me. And acquiring the limited edition La Mer soleil bronzing powder. It is not on the website and I love it so much! I love it so much that since it is limited edition, I feel like running to the Douglas boutique again to buy another for future use.

After this, my make-up routine comprised of applying just the La Mer foundation, concealer, and the powder after cleansing and moisturizing my face with the Origins A Perfect World Age-Defense Moisturizer with White Tea SPF40.