Here goes a new year. New life. New blog. New wife. Old man. Just kidding! I’m not that young and my husband is not that old. This blog is, though. It was born in 2009 and I think it’s about time I changed its format since I have long changed my way of life. These past years saw me with barely a blog as my daughter, Lia, and I traveled the world together. I used to post about theatre and films, various bar gigs and other live performances. We have come a long way. My daughter has grown from being a tiny baby to a little girl with big dreams. We have come from roaming the Philippines to roaming the world.

We have changed our lifestyle from typical to alternative as well. This website has always been my space for sharing my life and my stories. I have come into many sources of inspiration and embarked on journeys towards minimalism, wellness, and eco-living. This year will see me (probably but more like hopefully) posting about our alternative lifestyle, anything from homemaking, cooking, baking, interior designing, gardening, and our hobbies of outdoor activities like surfing and diving. There will still be a lot of traveling. I will be doing some throwbacks with our travels and posting all the photos we took, mostly with my phone. Oh there are thousands! I can’t wait to show you all these nice places we have been to.

There will still be a lot of stories about motherhood, parenting, basic adulting, and maybe bits and pieces about marriage and how to make it work. Maybe.

There are many stories to tell. And this year will be all about story telling.


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