It was supposed to be just a day trip to the beach. Our plan was to leave Manila at 5am so we can be at Laiya by 8. Unfortunately, leaving that early is easier said than done. We left Manila at some time past 6am, had breakfast for maybe an hour at McDonalds in SLEX, and got to Laiya by 11am. I was not prepared for an overnight trip, at least not financially since these days I have not a penny to my name, and so was our rented van driver who had a commitment for the next day. I had to call Ced of Travel Factor to ask for a van contact that could pick us up from Laiya the next day and bring us back to Manila (another added expense) – but my friends had moolah, and were gracious enough to shoulder my share. Thanks friends!!!

La Luz Resort is nice. I had liked that huge hut that served us their reception area, right by the parking lot. From there on, one has to go down a flight of steps to get to the resort and the beach.

Jen and Friends at La Luz, Batangas

This is what you will see the moment you go down the steps from the reception to the beach

Our first order of business was of course, lunch. For the fee of P1,100 per person, one is entitled to buffet lunch, snacks, buffet dinner and buffet breakfast. Not bad! And that is what we ended doing half the time, EAT!

Jen and Friends at La Luz, Batangas