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Travel Factor’s Forever Summer 2013 – Zambales

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You’ll begin your adventure with a scenic roadtrip to The Circle Hostel, San Felipe, Zambales, our home for the weekend. Looking around, you’ll see the many adventures that await you. Take a walk on the quiet beach. Be one with the ocean and try surfing. Go skimboarding. Or just simply soak in the sun. You’ll then feast on a sumptuous barbecue lunch, maybe down it with a cold bottle of beer.

You’ll want to take a nap, soak up more sun, create some art at the hostel, or surf. Or you could join the Forever Summer Yacht Party. Sail into Subic Bay aboard a beautiful yacht, feel the wind your face, catch some salt in your skin. Listen to the best island beats by DCFER, swim in the ocean. Watch the sunset.

A bonfire waits for you back at The Circle Hostel. You clink bottles and glasses with your new found friends. Coffeebreak Island takes the stage and deliver their dose of sweet island music. You wish this could go on forever. The sun rises, and the ocean invites you in.

Jun 1-2, 2013

Registration is now open:

FOREVER SUMMER is brought to you by Nescafe-in-a-can, Victory Liner, Maggi Magic Meals, OtterBox, Mellow947Dencio’s Bar and GrillLagu and The Circle Hostel.


Alon Pinas presents July Bash 2012 at Pundaquit, Zambales July 7-8, 2012

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Here you go! For those of you who are all too familiar with my interest in music and the arts and do not know that I am interested in anything that has something to do with water too, here’s something for a change, instead of the usual posts on gigs around the metro – something for the water babies in us!

We all know that July is a great month for waves, so, this coming weekend, head on to Pundaquit, Zambales, all you who are itching for the beach and your boards.

Alon Pinas, an online community for skim boarders and other board sports enthusiasts, present a weekend of yeah, waves, which according to Wet Sand, will have some 4 feet waves on Saturday, and not much on Sunday, but what the heck, right?