Every Friday, my sister does what she calls a photo dump – a collection of Instagram-ish photos taken during the entire week. It is what I took as inspiration when I realized I wanted to do my own version of a photo dump, but this time, a collection of the most interesting links I came to and re-posted on my Facebook timeline during the entire week (March 9-16).

One of my friends, Marcus, had unfriended me on Facebook, saying I yak a lot. I can flood my friends’ news feeds sometimes, depends on how bored I am. I say, they can always unsubscribe, or unfriend, if they feel so inclined, but just look at what they will be missing!

L: Oct 2006. R: Mar 2012

Haah! Just kidding! Seriously, here is a list of the most interesting links I shared with my network this week.

1. What happens if you fall in love with a writer?

I remember, last night as I was going inside the house, I was thinking I need to watch a film tonight. I need some intellectual stimulation. But first I got onto Facebook and saw this link one of my writer friends posted – and that was enough intellectual stimulation for me.