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UP Diliman Freshman Council and CRS Advisory

UP Stuff By May 6, 2012 Tags: , , 2 Comments

First of all, these are the dates to remember for First Semester AY 2012-2013 Registration:

May 14-23: Pre-enlistment 1
May 24: Batch processing 1 & Results
May 25-31: Pre-enlistment 2

June 1: Batch processing 2 & Results
June 4: Form 5A available for printing
June 6-8: Registration Period
June 6: E-Prerog for New Freshman, Varsity, Graduating and Graduate Students
June 7-8: E-Prerog for Other Students
June 8: E-Prerog Cross-Registrants, Non-degree (OUR), Special Students
June 11: Classes Start

If you pass by or through the UP Diliman campus, you will know that all the gates now require that one presents a valid UP ID in order to pass through. If you do not have a UP ID, you have to use the University Avenue.


Jo-Harri is Home From Oz

Friends and their Interests, UP Stuff By December 9, 2010 Tags: , No Comments

Our friend, another alumnus of U.P. Rep, was home last October for a vacation. He works as an engineer in Australia. We always make it a point to get together every time one of us is home for a vacation. This is actually a late post, but I just noticed how it seems like we’ve been getting together with our friends who are now based in different countries every month for the past months. Jo was home last October, Janice was home last November and Jen was home this month. Always sooo good to see old friends!

Standing, L-R: Jo-Harri, Dax, Babit, Melai. Sitting, L-R: Angku, Angeli, Nick