Three and a half hours after departing Perth, I arrived at the Qantas terminal in Melbourne where Fabio was waiting for me. He had come with his friends all the way from Pearcedale, more than an hour’s worth of drive. Due to the differences in time zone, I arrived before nine in the evening even if I left Perth at three in the afternoon.

We took a walk around the Docklands, and got ourselves in one of the free City Circle Trams at the stop in Docklands Drive for a free ride to see the overall sights of the city. I took some pictures of some interesting buildings along the way. The City Circle Tram service provides a free and convenient way to get around central Melbourne. It travels around the city and links with other tram, train and light rail services in and around Melbourne.

There was not enough time to see everything but this is not the last time I would find myself in Melbourne. In fact, I went back and forth Melbourne two more times, staying at least a week each time to explore different parts of this beautiful city. Any crazy hipster and artist would tell you that Melbourne is probably the best city in Australia