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Free Entrance to All National Museums This October

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© Aissa Domingo and the National Museum of the Philippines (2013)

© Aissa Domingo and the National Museum of the Philippines (2013)

In celebration of Museums and Galleries Month, the National Museum of the Philippines will open its doors, for the entire month of October, with free admissions to all 14 branches of the National Museum across the country and their flagship museums in Manila: the National Art Gallery (former Old Legislative Building), Museum of the Filipino People (former Old Finance Building), and National Planetarium.

About the National Museum

The National Museum of the Philippines or NM is a government agency museum that includes research and conservation programs within the museum and throughout the archipelago. The museum houses three buildings in Manila; The Museum of the Filipino People, The National Art Gallery and the National Planetarium that are repositories of the natural and cultural history of Filipinos and our environment. The collection ranges from thousands of years ago to the present. In addition, there are 19 branches of the NM located in all regions of the country, representing the origins and visual representations of Philippine culture.

The primary mission of NM is to acquire, preserve, exhibit and foster scholarly study and appreciation of works of arts, specimens and cultural and historical artifacts of the Philippines.

Museum fees are Php 150.00 for adults, Php 120.00 for group tour adults and Senior Citizens, and Php 50.00 for students and Php 40.00 for Group tour students. These new rates will allow you to visit the National Art Gallery (in the Old Legislative Building), the Museum of the Filipino People (in the Old Finance Building) and the exhibitions at the National Planetarium. Museum Hours are the same: Tuesday to Sunday, 10 am to 5 pm (except for the Planetarium which is closed on Sundays). Closed to the public on November 1, Christmas Day, New Year’s Day, Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Black Saturday.

Official Website:
Facebook page:


National Arts Month 2013: Young Artists’ Studio Workshops

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In celebration of National Arts Month 2013, Young Artists’ Studio is giving the biggest discount ever for registrations until February 15, 2013. Get 30% off the workshop fee, inclusive of materials on any art program offered this season.

Terms & Conditions:

  • Discount is available for group sessions and one-on-one sessions; not applicable to home classes.
  • Discount is applicable to cash payments of full registration fee. Other modes of payment won’t qualify for the discount.
  • Discount applicable in 2 branches: YAS Visayas Ave. and YAS Greenhills.
  • Workshop sessions are valid until March 31 only. Remaining workshop sessions unavailed after March 31 will be forfeited.
  • Student shall subscribe to YAS e-newsletter mailing list and like YAS Facebook page.
  • For list of workshop fees, visit
  • Registrations are non-transferrable.
  • Students shall submit a confirmed schedule specifying workshop dates to attend. Workshop session is forfeited when a student misses a class after confirmation.



6th International Silent Film Festival August 2012

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Here is a first look of this year’s International Silent Film Festival from their Facebook page.

 The films will be shown at Cinema 2 at Shang Cineplex, Shangri-La Plaza. For the registration, you can contact the institution in charge of the movie you want to see.

For more details and updates, follow the festival’s Facebook page here:

To view photos from last year’s festival, click HERE.


Coffee Table Book: Picket Lines (Dialogues Between Eves, Among Eves and For Eves)

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Book Cover

Coffee table book featuring 100 women with poems written on their bodies or placed on their photo.

Proceeds from this project will benefit the Women’s Crisis Center

Here are teasers:

photography: nikkorlai tapan
makeup: abby maglaya
model: jana estrevillo-tupas

This is What I Missed Out – TEDx in Manila

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My beloved boss, though learned late of the event, managed to get me a ticket but due to the rains, I was not able to make it.

Nick Olanka goes to post this on Facebook, and darn it, this makes me wish I took the bus last night!


Theme: How Art and Culture Can Change Our World

Quezon City, Philippines
October 8th, 2011

About this event

One artist recently put it to us that “Hope starts when people work on changing how we think. This is why art is important. Art is the expression of the ideas and aspirations of people, and they form the foundation of culture.”


My Q.C. Find of the Day – Resurrection Furniture and Found Objects Gallery

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These are the kinds of objects I would want to populate my home (or Wharf Galley) with. These are the kinds of objects I would like to do if only I had and could find the time and energy – but since I’m spread too thin as it is, it thrills me to find a gallery, or a group of people, who does the same thing – and the results are just fantastic!

Custom order entertainment console made from old cabinets, doors demolished from client's apartment


Who is Banksy?

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I never cared for Banksy much, although I know someone who loves the works, until one night while waiting for the time to feed the baby a bottle while she slept, I decided to click on one inconspicuous ad in some website and found Banksy, and more Banksy, and more more Banksy… and was hooked.

Girl with Balloon, originally uploaded by Onzin; taken on May 21, 2004

Girl with Balloon, originally uploaded by Onzin; taken on May 21, 2004

Maybe because at that precise moment I was mushy and I appreciated the red heart. I have seen a Banksy sighting photo before and did not really think much of it.

Kids on Guns, originally uploaded by eddiedangerous; taken on February 27, 2008

Kids on Guns, originally uploaded by eddiedangerous; taken on February 27, 2008

Reading more on Banksy changed me in some ways. I love Banksy’s sense of humor. I love his art. As a supposedly (or better yet, perhaps, a wanna-be) artist, I am continually looking for inspiration, whether it be in the plays I watch, photos I see or even those that my friends take, movies or even series, books, music, all kinds of what we call art these days or just random things you see out there.

Last year a friend, an arguably good professional photographer and a friend all the way back from first year high school, took the time to criticize my work while we were hanging out at a rock cafe that a friend of ours owned. He asked me, “What is it really that you want to express in your work?” I always think about my role in theatre and the role of theatre in my life but I never think about my work in photos. He said, “All you take photos of are beaches and sunsets.” He wanted to see growth. He wanted to see an evolution as an artist. A year has passed and I am still thinking about his question. Sadly, I still do not have an answer.

Bethlehem, 2005. Banksy imagines digging through the security fence and finding paradise.

Bethlehem, 2005. Banksy imagines digging through the security fence and finding paradise.

Who is Banksy anyway?

“Banksy is a quasi-anonymous English grafitti artist. His artworks are often satirical pieces of art on topics such as politics, culture, and ethics. His street art combines graffiti writing with a distinctive stencilling technique. His stencils feature striking and humorous images occasionally combined with slogans. The message is usually anti-war, anti-capitalist or anti-establishment. Subjects include rats, monkeys, policemen, soldiers, children, and the elderly.” (Lifted off the wikipedia entry on Banksy but if you want to know more, there are hundreds of pages about him if you google.)

I found this nice slide show of his works too here.

I do love Banksy’s sense of humor. These days when I am bored, I can’t help but think about the message he left at the Bristol Zoo’s elephant enclosure, “I want out. This place is too cold. Keeper smells. Boring, boring, boring.”

And who can resist this?

Originally uploaded by artofthestate; taken on February 8, 2007 in London

This is Not A Photo Opportunity, originally uploaded by artofthestate; taken on February 8, 2007 in London

Banksy has sprayed “This is not a photo opportunity” on certain photograph spots. It is now to be found all over the world (Paris, Sydney and Havana at least) according tho this website (which also has a nice body of Banksy works.)