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Thirsty Thirty at B-Side Makati May 31, 2012

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Because I’m 3 plus 0!

Thanks again for everyone who has made this event possible. Thank you B-Side Makati, Anna and Juela, for accommodating.

Thanks Che Santos of On-Air Studio for all the help. It could’ve been Cubao X coz you know how much I love that place but here we are now!

Thanks to all the artists who will make the time and effort and everything else to be there. I appreciate it with all my heart.

Thanks to all my friends who will be giving away stuff, hosting, doing the documentation, and all that jazz.

Big shout out to my friends from the U.P. Repertory Company, Dax Carnay, Albert Cruz and Marvin Salazar of who will be our hosts for the night.

And for those who will be coming, let’s all have a really great time!

See you there!

Here is the Facebook event page:

Here’s the link to the first-released blog and poster.

B-Side is in Makati, check out their website at and their Facebook page here.  Map is here.

Tingnan ang Mas Malaking Mapa


30 going on 18! The Come One, Come All Gig

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Finally, this poster is out! Thanks soo much to Eric Po of Your Imaginary Friends who took the time to make the poster for this event.

Click here to view the event page on Facebook.

I’ll tell you what this is about. This is about music, about friendship, about passion and the dedication to it. This is about you and me. This is a gig for and by friends. This is a gig because I turned 30 and I feel so blessed to be surrounded by friends who are all lovely in every sense of the word, no matter what world they move around in – music, arts, theater, tv, film, travel and everything in between.

I’ll tell you what this is NOT about. This is NOT a private event. This is a come one and come all party so bring yer friends, that would make us soo, soo happy. The more, the manyer, as they say. This is NOT about me. This is about YOU, and you, and you, and you (in Jennifer Holliday and Jessica Sanchez fashion) and we are not going anywhere… we are staying here, because we love it here and we love everything about our friends, our passions, our craft, our drive and dedication, our family, our work, and everything that shape us.

Thank you all so much for being a part of this life, and that life, and everything in between.

Performances by:

William Elvin (of Happy Days Ahead)
Diwa de Leon
The Chongkeys
Dai I Chi
Coffeebreak Island
Your Imaginary Friends
Tetas and the Twat
Lougee and the Cherry Bums
The Discoball
The UP Repertory Company

We hope to see you there!

Thank you to all the bands and artists who said yes to my invitation. From the bottom of my heart, thank you thank you for being so accommodating and very, very gracious. I hope we all have a good time out there on this night.

We are also giving away stuff from Palamuti Storytelling Jewels, Agos Pilipinas and Travel Factor. Thank you guys for the support in this!

B-Side is in Makati, check out their website at and their Facebook page here.  Map is here.

Tingnan ang Mas Malaking Mapa


Forgetful Lucy

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It’s midway till dawn, quiet, with only the hum of air-conditioners reverberating through the concrete walls and wooden floors, interrupted by the soft pattering of the rain on the roof of the back kitchen where I do one of the things in life I love most, laundry. Yes, laundry.

I have the house all to myself, or so it seems. There is no one sleeping on the living room floor, there is no one guarding the main door, there is no one walking around the house in this godforsaken time of the night except me, and I like it.

In the main bedroom, the little one and the big man sleep on the soft bed, cradled by pillows, stuffed toys with names like Happy (I think I’m happeeee!) and Doug.

I sit here, illuminated only by the light coming from the screen of my laptop, and close my eyes and think: All I wanna be is outside, laying on a hammock, with the breeze blowing strands of hair across my tired face, lined prematurely by nearly three years of… of I don’t know what.

Do I regret the things I did? Yes, of course. But all the things I did, I did only because I loved, and if that’s the case, is it true that love finds a way to flow back to me?

All the things I thought was dear then are now meaningless, lost in the cold winds, rain and snow. Snow!.

When I sleep, I’m always grateful, no matter where it is, because wherever that may be, it is still better than the bleachers I slept on for hours on stretch on busy airports in countries where I knew no one and no one knew me.

If you think you can make me feel alone, alienate me, ignore me, say all kinds of things about me, at me – you can’t, for the simple reason that I know exactly how it is to be truly alone.

If you think I’m cold, you don’t know cold. The kind that seeps through your bones, through five layers of sweaters, each one as useless as the next, the kind that seeps through your skin, to the core of your being, to your very soul.

Danger, courting danger. What if I had not been able to make it out of that city safe? There was absolutely no one there but me. Just me, cold yet resolute. Take me home, my tired, sore feet.

Death, courting death. I had looked at that man’s face smashed against the concrete, how many times in that night did I wish that that was me instead? Whose wail was that heard echoing through the night? Was that mine? Dazed and shaking to the core, yet alive – with fine shattered glass all over my head.

Pain, enduring pain. The pain of pretending that everything is alright, that things do not hurt. Smile, smile away. Come, let’s hold each other through the night. And forget me as you go. Did I ever really matter to you? The way you slipped in the night, quietly, with hardly a whisper, what did that mean? When its my turn to go, would I remember to pass by the people who wish I would or would I go straight into the warmth of the one I loved the most in this world? I wonder who that would be then.

It rains and rains and I imagine myself holding out the tip of my forefinger out into the rain to catch a drop. Longing for the sound of impact as a water drop collides against skin.

This is my 29th birthday post. And I had thought, and perhaps nearly wished, that the birthday blues would not get me this year, but it has, it always does.



Last Year

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I looked at my post exactly a year ago to see what I wrote on Lia’s first birthday, but surprisingly and actually sadly, found none. I did not write anything on Lia’s first birthday…

Anyway, since my friend Roma posts pictures on Facebook almost exactly a year late, I just got tagged on these photos.


This was taken at Lia’s first birthday party last year. Oh I still have that uber long hair that I somehow miss these days. Hmmm.

And after we were done with the party, we took Lia home so she can rest and sleep, and then went off with friends to hang out more and relax.. where else but Mogwai in Cubao X!

Thanks Roma for the pictures and the reminder! Very timely! 😛


Lia, You are Tu Today… Tu!

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It’s almost one in the morning. I sit here typing away on my laptop on the bed while my daughter sleeps next to me. We spent three hours just playing on the bed tonight before she went to sleep. Since we got here, that has never happened before.

When I am here in Bicol, I get so busy that I do not get to spend a lot of time with Lia. I do not even get to sleep a lot or eat a lot for that matter. Everything seems urgent, every little thing seems important, everyone needs attention – and there is only one little me. I’m not complaining, I’m just saying how different my life here is from the life I live as a plain housewife, full-time mom, part-time photographer, part-time traveler, part-time web designer and all around procrastinator in Manila.

Here I have no concept of day and time. I get home at odd hours, sleep at odd hours, wake up at odd hours, and I can’t tell whether it’s a weekend or a weekday.


Jma’s Post-Birthday Celebration at Merci Bar & Restaurant

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Since our friend Jma is now based in Singapore, her birthday celebration was delayed for until she could come over for a vacation. It was initially planned as a fab party with the “Any Gorgeous You” theme but Jma had been busy and planning got a little bit lost. In the end, we all ended up in a private function room inside Merci Bar and Restaurant. Who would’ve known there was such a room inside Merci? I have been to Merci twice before, first at a Flush and the Toilets gig and second was just the night before at the Coffeebreak Island second album launch; but I have never really noticed the existence of a function room behind the cash register.

KTV Function Room in Merci Bar and Restaurant

It is a big room with a huge flat tv and booming speakers for the videoke-loving people that we are. It was a really fun night,


Funshots Booth at Lia’s Birthday Party

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Our party planner, Cinco de Mayo Events, booked this photo booth supplier for us. It was just our luck that Funshots Booth was having a promo for April to June 2010 bookings, that we got our 3-hr photo booth for only P6,000 instead of the regular rate of P8,000.

I would like to extend my most heartfelt thanks to my U.P. Rep family who sponsored this photo booth and made this [dream] possible. Thanks so much! The best gift you guys could have ever given! (Love you guysts!)

Ryan, Angku and Lia

Beryl, Alliana, Asi and Adi

Beryl, Alliana, Asi and Adi

My sister Jasmin and her son, Sean

My sister Jasmin and her son, Sean

Abet, Hasmin and Euan

Abet, Hasmin and Euan


Nick Olanka and Janice Mata’s Birthday Celebration at 9 Mile Bar

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Despite warnings of Typhoon Santi arriving about ten to twelve in the evening, we pushed on with our plans for the night. Still car-less more than a month post-Typhoon Ondoy, we had to walk, take trikes, take cabs (in my pretty little green wedges!) to get around the city.

After having [anniversary] dinner at Cyma, a Greek restaurant, in Eastwood Mall, we went to 9 Mile Bar in Kalayaan Avenue amidst the pouring rain. We got there past ten and almost missed Hany outside in the street.

Janice with the microphone was calling on everyone for their “talent” hahahahaha! So that’s how Ryan and I’s night at the party started, with little bits of performances from our friends.

Dax with some “audition piece” for some musical 😉

Abet does his own version of “Vengeance is not ours.. it’s God’s”

For the sake of fun, here is an excerpt of the famous declamation piece. 😉

Alms, alms, alms. Spare me a piece of bread.
Spare me your mercy. I am a child so young, so thin, and so ragged.
Why are you staring at me? With my eyes I cannot see but I know that you are all staring at me.
Why are you whispering to one another? Why?
Do you know my mother? Do you know my father?
Did you know me five years ago?
Yes, five years of bitterness have passed.
I can still remember the vast happiness mother and I shared with each other.
We were very happy indeed.
Suddenly, five loud knocks were heard on the door and a deep silence ensued. Did the cruel Nippons discover our peaceful home?
Mother ran to Father’s side pleading. “Please, Luis, hide in the cellar, there in the cellar where they cannot find you,”
I pulled my father’s arm but he did not move.
It seemed as though his feet were glued to the floor.

The door went “bang” and before us five ugly beasts came barging in.
“Are you Captain Luis Santos?” roared the ugliest of them all.
“Yes,” said my father. “You are under arrest,” said one of the beasts.
They pulled father roughly away from us.
Father was not given a chance to bid us goodbye.

Loved Abet’s version. Simply hilarious. Hahahaha!