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Team Tambaron in Oriental Mindoro

Oriental Mindoro By May 22, 2012 Tags: , , , , , , 1 Comment

Only my second trip to the beach this year, as I am getting really old (ding! ding! ding!) and do not have the energy to travel every other week like I used to, is a trip with my favorite travel friends. Four years of amazing friendship and counting, and we are growing old, growing bigger, growing in numbers through literal multiplication and addition of kids and pets and even travel gnomes and stuffed toys, and we are looking forward to more, more of this, more of that, more drinks, more music, more friends, more laughs, more crazy pegs, more memes, more ridiculous ideas to pass the time with! Our trip this time included two toddlers, two sets of parents, couples, singles and a jack russell terrier that Lia has renamed as Bingopopoipoy. It was a one of a kind weekend indeed. We were headed to Tambaron Green Beach Resort that our friends AJ and Maya and their family owned for nearly forty years.

Going to Tambaron Island in Bulalacao, Mindoro Oriental involves taking a bus from Cubao to Batangas, a ro-ro from the port of Batangas to the port of Calapan, a chartered van from the port of Calapan to the port of Bulalacao and a banca ride from Bulalacao port to the resort. We left Cubao at 1:30am and was at the resort in time for lunch – that’s nearly 10 hours of travel for a total kilometers of 255 (or 155 miles) from Manila to the town of Bulalacao. The early morning ro-ro ride was fast enough that it only took 2 hours, so we we’re able to stop for breakfast in Calapan.

I first packed Lia an individual bag filled with her things, only to realize that for a small person, she had way too many things and that it was a better option to just bring one big suitcase filled with all our stuff, in addition to my usual backpack and camera bag. Lia now thankfully can carry her own little backpack filled with some of her most needed items, like a face towel, a jacket, a bonnet, some cookies and candies, and a bottle of water. I love that! I had recently purchased packing bags from Travel Essentials and found them to be as useful as I thought they would be. Thanks Tessa for making these wonderful stuff for travelers like us. I love them!



We’ve recently been fans of the newest fashion blogger Aaron, and well, he inspires us! Enough for us to do the following shots, while we we’re all standing by the road, waiting for our van drivers to change our ridiculously flat tire.



Going to Tambaron Green Beach Resort, Oriental Mindoro

Oriental Mindoro, Travel By May 11, 2012 Tags: , , , , , 1 Comment

This is where we are going next weekend and if you think you want to join us, come and register!

Tambaron Island in Bulalacao, Mindoro Oriental

Brother and sister, AJ and Maya Fajardo, are friends we have been traveling with since 2008; and the Fajardo family owns Tambaron Green Beach Resort in Tambaron Island. Tambaron Green Beach Resort is located in one of the coves of Tambaron Island in the southernmost tip of Oriental Mindoro. It is surrounded by a forest with 40 different tree species that make it good for trekking and you may also directly interact with the native Mangyans. Green Sea turtles sometimes visit the island to lay eggs, schools of Skipjack Tuna abound during the migratory season of December to April, and wild ducks during the rainy season. The resort offers a serene, untouched environment with clear waters for snorkeling and a jump off point for island hopping. It has family rooms, dormitory quarters and beachfront cottages. (see links for sources)

What to expect:

-SCUBA diving and snorkeling spots
-Kayaking and island hopping
-Mountain trails and enchanted fauna
-Mangyan ethnic groups
-Mini cattle ranch
-Beach volleyball and badminton courts

Now that we know what to expect out of the island and the resort itself, here is what you can expect from this trip, with the itinerary as prepared by Travel Factor.


My Travel Wish List for the Year

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I am compiling a list of places to go this year.

1. Tambaron, Bulalacao, Oriental Mindoro

An island owned by the family of one of our friends, we are invading this resort in May.

Visit their website at and view this video made by one of the guests to see what Bulalacao has to offer.

The upcoming trip will be a reunion trip of sorts with our Travel Factor friends, and it will be the first time Lia (age 3) and Calix (age 1.5) will be together on a trip!

2. Misibis Bay

Located in Cagraray Island, Albay, this resort is considered to be a top-end resort; but because this resort is only in Albay, a place that I consider to be accessible, it is on my to-go-to list.

They recently had a summer sale for March-May 2012 for only P16,000+ net for 3d/2n package for two that made me think this place is not so expensive to go to after all! Too bad we already have other plans for the summer but I am going to wait patiently for the next promo and off we will go!