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Airline Bullying and Other Related Mishaps

Travel By May 9, 2012 Tags: , , , , , , , , No Comments

Lots of interesting things today but I won’t even dare comment on the Mon Tulfo vs Raymart and Claudine anymore, instead, I’d like to share Roxanne Lu’s experience on Airline Bullying. She’s asked people to share it and I shall. The following is an excerpt, please click the links provided to view full note.


Airline Bullying

by Roxanne Lu on Tuesday, May 8, 2012 at 5:21pm ·

This happened to me yesterday for my Air Philippines Caticlan-Manila flight. I never wish for it to happen to me again, nor do I wish this to happen to any of you ever. This is a pretty long story, but if you have the patience you might learn a thing or two when dealing with airlines.


ORIGINAL TICKET: Caticlan to Manila on May 7, 2012, 8:20am flight.


4 May 2012 – I received an email from PAL notifying me that my May 7th flight to Manila, PR040, ETD has changed from 8:20am to 9:50a.m. (Ticket #2) 


I made two (2) calls to PAL on 5 May 2012 (Sat), as soon as I read my e-mail notification from PAL.

  • 8:23pm (about 20 mins on the phone): I explained that I received an email notice from them that my flight PR040 ETD has been adjusted to fly out 9:50am instead of the original 8:20am. I asked if there was an earlier flight (any flight before the PR040) that they could move me into because I have a meeting at 10:30am in Manila. They said there’s a 9:10am flight but I have to pay about P1,200 if I want to fly on that schedule. “And that’s the earliest flight you can fly me out me with?” I asked. Yes, the support agent replied. I went back to the issue at hand, which was the additional cost. I said, “But technically, you guys owe me because I paid for an earlier flight. I did not move myself to 9:50am, you did. I paid for an early morning flight, so don’t think I should pay that. I have a business reason why I specifically chose an earlier flight, so can you please ask your supervisor if they can waive the additional payment?” I was put on hold. A few minutes later, they got back to me and said they will move me to the9:10am flight without additional cost, and that I should call back in about 30 minutes or so to confirm the changes.


  • 9:33pm (the call back request; about 5 mins on the phone): I inquired for the status of my request and was informed that it was granted with no additional charges. They will e-mail me my new e-ticket for flight PR 046 ETD 9:10am. It was sent to me the following day, May 6th. (Ticket #3)
Read the rest of the note here.


When the issue at NAIA 3 with Tulfo vs the Santiagos first erupted, someone said, “Ang Cebu Pacific talaga! Sa PAL di nangyayari ang ganyan.” Well, news flash, it does. And it seems that it happens a lot, budget airline or not.


The Wharf Galley, BE Resorts Mactan and Cebu Pacific Air Promo

Wharf Galley Rock Cafe By August 11, 2011 Tags: , , , , , , No Comments

After 4 days of non-stop revisions, this poster is finally out. Working with two big companies with their own advertising departments, logo policies, standard typefaces and their own respective suggested copies, taught me a lot. It was a wonderful learning experience!

Thank you Cebu Pacific Air and Be Resorts Mactan Cebu. Thank you for the wonderful opportunity to work with you. More power!