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Surf & Music Festival 2012 Day 1 – San Juan, La Union

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Meet-up was at The Podium’s open parking lot at twelve midnight, so we were all hanging out at Starbucks as early as eleven o’clock. I haven’t been on a trip with my Travel Factor friends in quite a while, the last time we were together was the Tambaron Island trip in Bulalacao, Mindoro last May. (Click here for the blog on that.)

We left the parking lot a little after one in the morning and arrived at Sebay Surf Resort close to nine in the morning. It was a really long trip, especially since I’ve had experience with my surfer friends PJ and Gerard when we’d take Manila-San Juan in three hours, yes, 3 hours, because that’s how fast Gerard (de Sagun) drives! We didn’t mind though because our room was going to be available at noon and we spent the entire morning just hanging out, checking out the beach, the girls, the surf, the breeze, all from the comforts of the restaurant of Sebay.

photo by H from a Samsung Note phone

The last time I was in Urbiztondo for surfing was January 2011, and the last time I went on a decent surfing trip was in Baler, March 2011. I went a number of times to Bagasbas in Camarines Norte while I was based in Naga but I never did get to do any surfing there. I haven’t really surfed in almost two years – so, even though I tried to get ready for surfing a few days before this trip, I took it easy on Day 1. About an hour of riding some white water, and no paddling even. Soo…. lazy.

We spent more time hanging out with friends at San Juan Surf Resort, drinking Pinacoladas from Sunset Buckets (a cousin of the Boracay Bucket). The above photos are from my friend Ayie’s camera. Thanks Ayie!

I spent so much time hanging out with friends that I wasn’t dressed yet by the time Up Dharma Down came onstage. Never mind the bath, we quickly changed into shirts and shorts and headed to the concert area. We weren’t gonna miss Up Dharma Down!


Ean Mayor [drums and loops] 
Carlos Tanada [lead guitars] 
Armi Millare [keyboards, vocals] 
Paul Yap [bass]

UpDharmaDown - Surf and Music Festival 2012 Day 1

UpDharmaDown - Surf and Music Festival 2012 Day 1

UpDharmaDown - Surf and Music Festival 2012 Day 1

Up Dharma Down was the first band to come onstage after DJ David Ardiente‘s set and the crowd was just starting to trickle in.

Surf and Music Festival 2012 Day 1


Jeck Pilpil & Peacepipe + Coffeebreak Island at 70s Bistro – Oct 3, 2012

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Last week, after my shoot at the Wilfrido Ma. Guerrero Theater for Dulaang U.P.’s The Seagull, I found myself at 70s Bistro where Banda ni Kleggy, Paraluman, Callalily and supposedly 6Cyclemind, were playing. I really wanted to be at Route 196 because it was on my way back to our house, but that night, The Dawn was playing and all I really needed was to sit quietly in some table in some corner and just be by myself, and squeezing in among a crowd of The Dawn fans wasn’t going to let that happen.

I am an absolute Chekhov fan, and I was so moved, (notwithstanding comments and a probable review, or maybe just a slew of my own thoughts on the play, the word “review” being too constricting), that I felt I needed some time to process that theater experience.

Although I found the Filipino version not as compelling as the English version, something that I attributed to the failure of the acting ensemble, and therefore, I was not as depressed as the week before, I still felt that I needed some music as a fitting end to the evening. It was a choice between UpDharmaDown at Route 196 and reggae night with Jeck Pilpil & Peacepipe with Coffeebreak Island at 70s Bistro.

I’m friends with CBI so that was one point, and I needed a reggae band for a friend’s friend’s wedding, two points, so off I went.

I arrived at 70s Bistro in the middle of heavy rains, and there was just enough people in the bistro for me to be comfortable enough to take pictures.

CBI at 70s Bistro

Jeck Pilpil & Peacepipe came up first because Jun hadn’t arrived yet.

Jeck Pilpil & the Peacepipe at 70s Bistro

Jeck Pilpil & the Peacepipe at 70s Bistro


Jammin Good Times at Skarlet Kitchen – July 5, 2012

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Jammin Good Times at Skarlet Kitchen (formerly Ten02 bar) this Thursday July 5, 2012 with performances by:

Coffeebreak Island

Shuffle Union


Top Junk, Discoball and Coffee break Island at 70s Bistro – June 9

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Whoever thought of bringing all these people together must’ve had me in mind because, wow. That’s all I can say for now.

I will definitely be there! See you boys and girls!

Facebook pages:

Top Junk

The Discoball

Coffeebreak Island

A walk through memory lane, only from 2011’s documentation, bring more than a few smiles.

The Discoball at Wharf Galley Feb 2011

The Discoball at Wharf Galley Rock Cafe, Elias Angeles St., Naga City. Feb 2011


Coffeebreak Island in Naga at Wharf Galley

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Coffeebreak Island was scheduled to play at Wharf Galley on April 17th. When we initially planned their gig, we had no plans of moving Wharf Galley; but it turned out, the Coffeebreak Island gig in Naga was the first Wharf Galley event to be held in its new venue: Avenue Square.

CBI in Naga, photo courtesy of CBI

CBI in Naga, photo courtesy of CBI


The Coffeebreak Island “No Hero” Launch at Merci Bar and Restaurant

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The plane had just landed when I got a text from my friend and Potter’s Place co-teacher Eric asking me if I wanted to go to the Coffeebreak Island gig Friday night. I said, “Sure.” I haven’t seen Eric since his last visit at our old apartment in Bonn St. the year before.

I like Coffeebreak Island. The first time I got to watch them perform was at this random night out H and I had, after watching a play in CCP, in the old Xaymaca back in 2008. We liked them enough to buy their album and we liked them even more after watching them perform at the very first Bagasbas Surf Camp in May 2008. (Click here to see the photos from that event.)

I have been to Merci Bar only once before. It was for a Flush and the Toilets gig. I was very much surprised to see a packed Merci Bar, nothing like I have seen before.