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Cynthia Alexander’s Send off Gig at 70s Bistro June 22, 2012 – Part 2

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Coming back from Freedom Bar at one in the morning, I find Bistro with all its lights on, all the windows and doors wide open to alleviate the nearly-suffocating heat from having so many people inside. When I left, I had the girl standing behind me take my favorite spot so she could also take photos; and when I came back, I found an empty chair by the door going to the rest rooms. I took that spot and was able to document the band performing Moon River. Check out the crowd and how many fans (not the people) are there! The crowd inside have ballooned from the hundred or so that was there at nine o’clock to about, I dunno, can you guess?

The ‘Send Off Series’ at 70’s Bistro: Cynthia Alexander performs with longtime stage compatriots Mlou Matute and Cj Wasu, and guest band mates Jonathan Zuniga Urbano, Louie Talan, Romel SanchezKakoy Legaspi and Zach Lucero.

I changed my lens from 50mm to 18-135mm so I can have a wider, though darker, view; and moved up to a higher chair right by the wall. And I do so just in time to document them perform my second favorite Cynthia Alexander song – Insomnia.


Cynthia Alexander’s Send off Gig at 70s Bistro, June 22, 2012 – Part I

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June 22 was one epic night. I knew a lot of people and friends who wanted to go to the send-off gig at Bistro on that night but tickets were sold out. I only managed to snag one because a group of my friends had a number of tickets reserved and I got one out of that. Many of my friends were not so lucky and had to go home…

Cynthia Alexander Send Off Gig at 70s Bistro

I arrived at 70s Bistro at nine in the evening, and there was a crowd of people swarmed around the ticket booth by the entrance. The people manning the ticket booth were holding a list of reservations and a wait list. When I got in, the place was already packed with about a hundred people. I inched my way into my favorite spot at Bistro, right behind the balustrade in between the tech booth and the stage, which I liked because it afforded the best view for taking photos and videos, a place to sit my things on, like a bottle of beer or my bag, and easy access to going to the bar or the door if I needed to get out.

Nityalila promptly opened the night at 9:45PM, with guest band mates Miko Aguilar on bass, Reli de Vera on drums, and featuring Taiwanese pipa player and collaborator Chung Yufeng.

Cynthia Alexander Send Off Gig at 70s Bistro


Cynthia Alexander – The Send-Off Series, June 15, 16, 22 and 23

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Singer-songwriter Cynthia Alexander is relocating to Seattle, Washington end of June, but before she does, she will be holding a series of performances to say goodbye to friends and fans in the Philippines.

JUNE 15, 2012
Km. 19, East Service Road, Sucat, Muntinlupa City

Directions from Quezon City: head south and take the South Luzon Expressway. Exit at Sucat and make a u-turn to your left into the East Service Road. Drive a few blocks; you won’t miss it.

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JUNE 16 and 23, 2012
#59 Visayas Avenue, Quezon City

Directions: From Quezon City Memorial Circle, turn right into Visayas Avenue, Conspiracy Garden Cafe is on the left side of the road, across Shell gas station.


JUNE 22, 2012
#46 Anonas Street, Project 2, Quezon City

To reach by public transit:
Public Transit Take LRT-2 (purple line) and go down Anonas Station. Look for a tricycle/PUJ near McDonald’s and tell the driver to drop you in Bistro. It will be on your right.

From Espana/E.Rod: Take the Project 2-3 jeep. Isang sakay lang! Bistro will be on your left.

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For the event page on Facebook, click here.
To visit Cynthia Alexander’s Reverbnation page and listen to some of her music, click here.