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Band Feature: Dai I Chi

Music By May 15, 2012 Tags: , , , , No Comments

This band, my 3-year old daughter will always remember simply as “The guys!”

Four members of Dai I Chi, with the exception of Pierre whom I have not met yet, are also members of the band The Chongkeys that went on a 3-day Bicol tour in January 2012. They spent three whole days with me and my daughter Lia. On the first day, Lia was calling them “guys”…

Mark, Ness, Jid, Chester

While walking towards the Cagsawa ruins, “Wait for me guys!! Guys, waiiiiit!”
On the first night of performance at Paayahayan Bar in Legazpi, “Mama, let’s go to the guys!!” taking my hand and leading me towards the front, right below the stage where the band was performing.
At Mariolis Bar in Iriga, “Mama, where are the guys?”
At Wharf Galley in Naga, “Mama, can I see the guys? I wanna see! I wanna see!”

To this day, Lia would see their photos and say, “Mama, its the guys!” That’s how sweet they were to my little one – which says a lot about who they are. I love men who can get along well with toddlers because they’re kinda rare. Of course it helped that Mark also has a little girl of his own, and Jid always stands as baby sitter to the kids of other members of the band. Still, I loved them for it.

Band name: Dai I Chi
Jid Pascual-vox
Mark Marquez -battle axe
Chester Gonzalez-skins
Ness Deloviar -baritone axe
Pierre Alejandro -joystick