Though the flood is only beginning to subside in the metro, and Lia and I were fortunate enough not to be in Cainta while all these are going on, I am posting some information that might be of help to everyone. It wasn’t too long ago when we we’re trapped in the second floor of our rented apartment in Pasig Greenpark Village while Typhoon Ondoy ravaged the metro. (Read that blog here.)

You would think we’ve learned something after Ondoy, and judging from the disaster preparedness exhibited by local government units (LGUs) and other government and non-organizations, we probably have, though not a lot. Individuals should also take steps towards disaster preparedness, and more importantly, initiate long-term changes.

Many areas in Metro Manila are below sea-level. This is enough to recognize that flooding might be a normal occurrence. It is time we build structures as prepared for floods as the Japanese structures are for earthquakes.

As drawn by Paulo Alcazaren: The meaning of the UPDATED PAGASA ‘FLOOD ZONE’ COLOR CODES!

Les Lesaca says on his Facebook account: “The lesson here is for the Municipios of the diff Flood Zone Levels to review & possibly update their respective Building Code Requirements due to the limitations of their vicinity. eg. Since the Marikina area is ‘BELOW” Sea Level, then perhaps it only makes sense that they RAISE the level of their structures to be FLOOD-PROOF! These MONSOON-RAINS happen EVERY YEAR right? Yet every year I hear the same news about flooding. When will we ever learn? We need PRO-ACTIVE BLDG OFFICIALS to utilize “real” PASSIVE yet EFFECTIVE SOLUTIONS!