I have been to Sagada once in 2007 but no matter how much I liked the place I just could not bring myself back. I utterly dislike the 6-hour travel from Manila by bus to Baguio and another 6 hours from Baguio to Sagada. Of course I did not know that there was a faster way to get there. I learned it ironically from tourists in El Nido who dropped by the Outventure shop.

Anyway, we made it back to Sagada in November 2013, using the same route and method – Victory Liner from Cubao. We had a lovely dinner first at Cafe Adriatico at the Gateway Mall before heading for the bus terminal – only to find out when we got there that there were no available tickets for until 4am. We took our chance with another bus lines in another bus terminal, Genesis if I remember correctly, and lucked out with a few spare seats. Arriving in Baguio, we had some help from one of the passengers who was also on his wasy to Sagada and we all walked together in the chilly Baguio morning towards the Sagada-bound bus terminal.

We arrived at lunch time, went looking for a place to stay, then promptly headed to Yoghurt House for a meal. I had loved their French Potato Salad years ago but found that it was not the same. We had a relaxing time on the balcony with a cup of coffee though.

We didn’t go anywhere until the next day, when we rented a motorbike at a place across the street and explored Sagada using a map bought from one of the souvenir stores lining the street.

First, we tried looking for the lake – the path going down to it we missed only about three times and would have missed more times if we had not stopped a group of mountain bikers and asked.

Sagada, Mountain Province, Philippines

Sagada, Mountain Province, Philippines