This is a map that we got from our Peace and Love Resort where we were staying. On this map (click here to view large size), you can see Poblacion on the left side and “Beach 1”, “Beach 2” and “Beach 3” in the middle. If you talk to the locals, these beaches have their own names, but since this is a map that we took from our German-owned resort, the beaches are only labeled by number.

Peace and Love Resort, San Vicente, Palawan

Just like in Boracay where they have Stations 1, 2 and 3, with the best sand being at Station 1, the best and finest sand can also be found at Beach 3. And Beach 3 is where we told our motorcycle drivers to take us to.

Here are some aerial shots of Long Beach from the official website of San Vicente, Palawan.

And this is an aerial shot of the beach where we found ourselves that Saturday afternoon. Except that the sand was of a yellowish color.

Long Beach, San Vicente, Palawan