The plane had just landed when I got a text from my friend and Potter’s Place co-teacher Eric asking me if I wanted to go to the Coffeebreak Island gig Friday night. I said, “Sure.” I haven’t seen Eric since his last visit at our old apartment in Bonn St. the year before.

I like Coffeebreak Island. The first time I got to watch them perform was at this random night out H and I had, after watching a play in CCP, in the old Xaymaca back in 2008. We liked them enough to buy their album and we liked them even more after watching them perform at the very first Bagasbas Surf Camp in May 2008. (Click here to see the photos from that event.)

I have been to Merci Bar only once before. It was for a Flush and the Toilets gig. I was very much surprised to see a packed Merci Bar, nothing like I have seen before.