The Harold Class of Shaun Landry (June 29 1-5pm)

With Long Form Improvisation at its height, Shaun Landry brings the classic Del Close format “The Harold” in classic trained format. This class will also delve into how to take this classic format then deconstructs it for the building blocks into the creation of genre based one act improvisation. This class starts at Harold. Then goes a step beyond.
Shaun kicks off the master classes at the Manila Improv Festival on Friday June 29 from 1-5pm at the DLS-CSB SDA Main Theater.

More info on Shaun Landry at her website –


Open Space Technology (OST)  Improv Workshop (June 30 8am-12nn)

The workshop on Saturday morning will be totally improvised and will be conducted using Open Space Technology.

Since the Improv fest will be bringing together a group of diverse and interesting improv practitioners from all around, the Saturday morning workshop will create opportunities for the participants to share and seek out learning from the wealth of sources available during the festival.

Think of it as knowledge based improv speed dating.

Improv practitioners like Missy Maramara of SPIT and Gabby Fernandez of Kinengkoy Comedy Express have already volunteered to be topic leaders for this. More are certainly very welcome!